Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Best and Worst Onscreen Chemistry

                                                    Photo from gracewells533 at flickr

I wish I could get a job telling Hollywood directors whom to cast with whom.  Some stars just do not have sexual chemistry together, and it makes the film fall flat.  Sometimes I actually cringe when I see them kiss on screen.   Sexual tension means we need good Venus and Mars conjunctions, squares and oppositions, with Uranus and Pluto hard aspects thrown in there too. Aspects to the Ascendant can create chemistry as well.  It seems that the easy aspects just don't produce the  necessary sexual tension/chemistry onscreen. 

What about Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler in the Bounty Hunter?  Did you buy it?  They do have one Venus Mars sextile between them, and her Uranus trines his Mars, but that's about it. Easy aspects. They're probably good friends, but no compelling chemistry.

Remember Brad Pitt and Julia Roberts in The Mexican?  Bad movie yes....but probably because they had no sexual tension.   Julia's Venus Pluto conjunction in Virgo does trine Brad's Moon Venus in Capricorn. Actually, they have loads of easy aspects....and that's the problem. They probably get along really well with all those easy aspects and are great friends, but that's it. Nothing else. No hard aspects to bring us the excitement, and we can feel it onscreen.  I cringe even looking at the pic below.

Reese Witherspoon and Vince Vaughn in Four Christmases. Well, they're both Aries Suns to start, which is good for combative banter, but she has Venus and Mars in water, and he has Venus in Aries and Mars is Taurus. Nothing exciting there at all.

So, who had the best onscreen chemistry?

Kate Winslet and Leo Dicaprio - her Mars inconjuncts his Venus, and her Venus sextiles his Mars. Plus, his North node is on her Venus! This is the aspect of love affair, so we completely bought the story. I'm sure they have great affection in real life as well.

Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder from the Vampire Diaries.  Who didn't feel that chemistry from day one?   The charts say it all. His Mars is right on top of her Venus. And his Pluto opposes her Mars. It's hot, that's for sure, and I can see why they're a couple in real life.

Richard Gere and Julia Roberts were a favourite pair. His Uranus exactly opposes her Mars, and his Venus widely squares it.

Hawaii 5-0 cutie Alex O'Loughlin (Steve McGarrett) and Lauren German (agent Lori West).  I always felt the chemistry between these two, and was sad when she left the show.  Maybe she's coming back?  The charts show great chemistry/tension between them.  His Mars and Venus in Virgo squares her Mars in Sag, and his Uranus is right on top of her Venus.  Definite palpable chemistry.  His North Node is also on her of the aspects of lovers  (like Leo and Kate had).

If they had actually done something with their characters and gotten them together it could've been a great romantic combo.  Alex used to date a woman named Amber Clayton back from his Three Rivers days.  She was born 13 days before Lauren German, so her chart has many of the same placements as Lauren, showing that Lauren was likely the right pick. 

Actually, Scott Caan (Danno) and Alex O'Loughlin share the same birthday, and therefore the same chart.  Well, almost.  They were born a few hours apart on different days (Scott late on Aug 23rd, 1976 and Alex early on Aug 24th, 1976) so they have different rising signs, but they both have this onscreen tension/chemistry with Lauren German.