Saturday, 25 February 2012

Signs of Countries and Cities

                                                    Vancouver Pioneers

Deepak Chopra was here in Vancouver yesterday talking about his new Chopra Yoga centre opening.  When the interviewer asked why here, he said its because Vancouver is a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic city....a city of ' pioneers.'  He could not have chosen a more perfect word actually, as Vancouver is an Aries, born on (incorporated on) April 6th, 1886.  Aries is the sign of pioneers - full of those who have boldly ventured forth to start new lives.  Everyone seems to want to come west.  I had never thought of my home town in quite that way before.  I always saw the Aries in our love of physical activity and adventure, which is easy due to our mid climate.  Thanks to Deepak I have a new perspective.  As an Aries myself, I do find affinity here.

Stanley Park seawall in Vancouver, Canada.

I love looking at the charts of cities and counties.  Look at India...a Leo Sun sign.  A super Leo really with 6 planets in that sign, and you can see it in the huge Bollywood industry and the gorgeous brightly coloured saris they love to wear.

France is a Libra, the sign of love and romance.  Librans also have an expert eye when it comes anything to do with beauty and esthetic appeal, and of course they are known for their exquisite taste and refined palette.  Australia is a Capricorn, believe it or not.  I've always sensed the Saggy-ness in Aussies.....since they're such world travelers and seem so laid back and loud.  The chart has 4 planets in Sag though, making them seem more Saggy in their attitude.  (Sort of like Brad Pitt in reverse....he's a Sagittarius Sun, but he has 4 planets in Capricorn.  He comes across as very Saggy with a good sense of humour and a laid back attitude.  He even looks lanky and outdoorsy, but I have no doubt he's very focused and practical underneath)

A few more examples are Indondesia with a Capricorn Sun and an Aries moon;

Ireland with an Aries Sun conjunct Mars in Aries and Venus in Aries - strong warrior aspects.  They will fight for what or whom they love.

Nepal is an Aquarius Sun with three other inner Pisces planets...the perfect blend of spirituality and the search for wisdom.

What is the birth sign of your country or city?