Saturday, 17 March 2012

Best and Worst Onscreen Chemistry - Part 2

As I said in Part 1, a great romantic combination onscreen means the astrology charts of the two leads need to have tension aspects between Venus and Mars, with Uranus and Pluto hard aspects thrown in there too. Aspects to the Ascendant can create chemistry, but we need the birth times to know if that's happening. It seems that the easy aspects just don't produce the necessary sexual tension/chemistry onscreen.

Brad Pitt and Angeline Jolie in Mr. and Mrs Smith - the heat here was impossible to ignore!  They have chemistry on and off the screen, and their charts show it.  In fact, their charts are full of hard aspects, showing that they have excitement and passion between them, but also lots of challenges.

Angie's Uranus squares Brad's Venus and Moon, so he finds her very exciting!  Her Pluto squares his Mars, making for very combustible energy. His Pluto and Uranus inconjunct her Mars (double whammy Mars Pluto here), and square her Sun, making for excitement, but also for a very strong battle of wills.   Her Venus opposes his Venus, and her Mars squares his Mars, and her Sun opposes his Sun.  Yikes... this is an intense combination, (a challenging combination), which is fabulous for onscreen chemistry.  Lots of offscreen chemistry too, but they absolutely need a way to channel all that excitement and volatility. Acting in movies is a rather good way to channel all that drama and need for change, and the constant traveling too.  I wish them luck.  Her Sun falls on his Descendant (committed relationship angle), and his Moon and Venus fall on hers.  They definitely feel like they are meant for each other.

Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams - need I say more?  One of the most romantic and passionate onscreen couplings ever!  And their charts show why.

First of all they are both Scorpios, meaning they're both intense, passionate and charismatic in their own right.  Ryan's Venus is right on top of Rachel's Pluto, making for intense sexual passion and great onscreen chemistry.  Ryan's Uranus is right on top of Rachel's Sun, Rachel's Uranus is right on top of Ryan's Sun (double whammy Sun Uranus) his Mars sextiles her Pluto, and his Venus sextiles her Mars.  It works, that's for sure.  At least onscreen.  I know they dated for a while, but the aspects are likely too volatile for a relationship in the long term.

Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey - these two have been successful together in at least two movies, and their charts show why.

Her Pluto is conjunct his Venus making for magnetic attraction and tension (just like Rachel and Ryan have), his Uranus opposes her Mars, and her Uranus parallels his Venus. Yes, we buy the story and we love their onscreen chemistry together. I'm actually surprised they never dated...although it wouldn'tve lasted long if they did.

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson - the onscreen chemisty here is quite apparent, and their charts prove it!

His Venus inconjuncts her Pluto, trines her Mars and contraparallels her Uranus, and his Mars also parallels her Uranus. Great onscreen chemistry, (and offscreen too apparently) and the audience feels it.

Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks - these two are great as long as its light and comedic....but there's no real passion or romantic tension!  They don't have any Venus and Mars aspects at all.  Her Pluto widely opposes his Mars, but that's it.

I know, Sleepless in Seattle is one of my all time faves, and who doesn't adore Meg Ryan, but when you think about it they don't have any screen time together at all on the film, except for the last 60 seconds when they meet.  These two would not work as a hot and heavy romantic combination. Think about You've Got Mail.   Good movie yes, and they had lots of screen time together, but it was all light and fun...nothing deeply passionate.

And that kiss at the end was just awkward....cringe!  I loved watching them together in the movie, but actual physical romance between them just feels wrong because there's no Venus and Mars contacts.