Friday, 2 March 2012

So what's going on between J Lo and Casper Smart.

I had to check these two charts out.  What is going on astrologically between J Lo and her new man?   They just don't look right together for some reason.  She's a Leo born July 24, 1969 birthtime unknown, and he's an Aries born April 6, 1987, birth time unknown. 

There it is....I can see it right off the bat.   His Chiron is almost exactly conjunct her Venus!  According to the Magi Astrologers, this is the aspect that makes one think they have found their soul mate.  Plus, her Chiron is conjunct his Jupiter, another close 'soul-matey' kind of aspect.  Chiron is where we feel wounded, and when someone else's Venus or Jupiter conjuncts it, we feel healed in their presence.

She's a Leo and he's an Aries....there's a natural ease between those in the fire triplicity.

I'm going to venture a guess and say J Lo is a Cancer rising.  It gives her affinity with the Cancer Sun of the U.S. (they love her), and it also puts Casper's Aries planets at the top of her chart conjunct her MC.  In essence, its her popularity/career that is making him a star.

I expected to find some strong Uranus aspects between then, and yup, his Uranus opposes her Venus.  Classic, classic fling aspect.  Not only that, his Uranus parallels her Moon and her Mars.

His Pluto is making a T-square to her chart....opposing her Saturn and squaring her Sun Mercury.  This is a very challenging configuration.  Major control issues will likely pop up.  Plus, her Pluto squares his Saturn.  Double Ouch!   His Venus in Pisces squares her Venus in Gemini too...this brings difficulty in relating to each other.  His Mars opposes her Mars....more tension and challenge.  Tension can be exciting, but it can also be wearing after a while.   

It looks like there are positive aspects for both of them here, and perhaps some sort of healing is going on for each of them in some way, but it doesn't look like it will (or should!) last that long.  All that Uranus makes things unstable with excitement in the beginning, but then it turns into a rollercoaster ride with lots of up and downs.  And those Saturn Pluto aspects will likely turn it all into one big battle of wills.  Let's hope she takes her time with this relationship and lets the 'excitement' aspect of it all settle down before she makes any big decisions.

Update - Jan 16, 2013.  JLo is on the cover of People magazine and she says 'Casper Smart helped me heal.'   This is that Chiron aspect I was talking about above.