Tuesday, 6 March 2012

The Neptune factor - artistry vs addiction

Why is it that actors/artists seem so predisposed to having addiction problems?   It's really all about Neptune!  This is the planet that rules glamour and makes people photogenic.  It gives them the ability to blur their own personal boundaries and morph into other characters.  A strong Neptune in one's chart gifts one with creative talent, imagination, sensitivity and ethereal beauty...in short its the planet that makes them excel as actors and artists.  Neptune makes all of us yearn for something better...to escape into a utopian dreamworld void of problems.  Going to the movie theatre is a Neptunian experience for us as it allows us to escape our humdrum lives for two hours.  Neptune in its extreme negative form seeks to escape in less than healthy ways, and drugs and alcohol are one way to do it.   It seems that some of the most talented are the most predisposed to addiction, thanks to this strong Neptunian influence.  Liz Taylor, one of the most stunningly beautiful and glamorous actresses of all time admitted a 35 year addiction to painkillers and sleeping pills.  She also had Neptune oppose her Sun, Moon, and Mercury in Pisces.  A double duty Neptune influence.

 Robert Downey Jr.  has strong Neptune aspects in his chart and has had admitted past drug problems, but that Neptune also makes him one of the most talented actors of his generation.

Alex O'Loughlin has just gone into treatment for prescription drug addiction, and he too is one of the more talented actors around with Neptune aspects in his chart. Transiting Neptune has been opposing his Sun for the last year, throwing an extra dose of Neptune his way.  On top of all that, his Directed Moon has been applying to square his natal Neptune for the last year as well, and it came to exactness on March 5th, just as he announced he was going in for treatment.  Let's just say he has had an overwhelm of Neptune to deal with.  When Neptune hits us by transit, especially by opposition as it is with Alex, we tend to attract Neptune in as a person....perhaps a creative, imaginative type, or a wounded type that we feel we need to save.  OR, more likely,  we project Neptune on to that person and idealize them and put them up on a pedestal and are blind to their faults.  Once the Neptune transit has passed and the fog clears, then the projection itself may drop away and one will hopefully sees the other person for who they really are.

Demi Moore has Neptune aspecting almost every planet in her chart, and she has had to deal with both the positive and negative aspects of all that Neptune!

Positively, Neptune also rules spirituality, mysticism, higher love, prayer, meditation, music, swimming, spending time in nature or just doing something that inspires you.  Hopefully now that Neptune has entered her home sign of Pisces we'll see a more positive channeling of Neptunian tendencies.