Saturday, 7 April 2012

Venus square Saturn

Having this aspect myself, I know its one of the most difficult for women to navigate.  I've come to realize that Venus in challenging aspect to Saturn can make one believe that they need to 'earn' love, and that they're not worthy of it just by virtue of being.  Saturn represents fear, and in aspect to Venus, one feels unlovable and alone. Usually there was some sort of  abandonment when younger which the child believes is all her fault, so therefore she must be unlovable.  Liz Greene says that women with this aspect often spend a large part of their life alone. 

Well, its been true for me.  Sure, I've had lots of relationships, but I always knew they were not going to be long term.  Saturn makes us work for things, and with this aspect, he makes us work hard and long to find our self esteem.  When younger, it can make us believe we're just not attractive enough, and so one tries really hard to 'look just right.'  Women with this aspect can look too put together, if you know what I mean.  It looks like they've tried too hard.  Hair too perfect, or makeup very studied, or whatever.  There can be an element of aloofness too.  Its not that we are aloof, its that we're terrified of being rejected so we keep our distance. I've also noticed that some beauty queens have this aspect.  It's like they need that outside validation, that certificate that says that yes indeed, they are officially (Saturn) attractive.  Saturn demands proof. Vanessa Williams was Miss America before she became an actress.  She has Venus conjunct Saturn.  I've always felt that sort of aloof vibe from her.  Not really a warm fuzzy personality type.

                                                                                    Photo by angela george

The thing with this aspect is that women who have it are usually attractive, but they don't really believe it.  Saturn  rewards us in time, and so it is here too.  I've learned to relax about what other people think.  We're usually late bloomers too.  Since Saturn delays whatever he touches and makes us work for what we get, we don't usually find real love until later in life.  It's hard won, but then again, its real.  There's usually money issues with Venus Saturn squares as well.  Possibly because we feel we're not deserving of anything we haven't worked really hard for. 

I can't seen to find a lot of celebrity women with Venus square Saturn.  Why is this?  I think the square is the hardest to deal with.  It's very repressive.  It's like Saturn is blocking our ability to relate, and we must struggle to express her.  Michelle Pfeiffer has the square, and she came across as very shy and unsure in her early years, but wow, she sure came into her own.

Brooke Shields is another Venus square Saturn - her early years were controlled by her mother.  Lots of duty involved, and as a young model she got her validation through her looks.  And she earned income through work (Saturn) as a model (Venus).

Gisele Bundchen has Venus square Saturn.  Another model who gets validation and income from her looks.

Photo by Tiago Chediak

The conjunction is a bit different.  It's like having them fused together. You can't do one without the other.  When you 'do' your Venus, Saturn comes along for the ride.  That's it, no question about it.  With the square, there's more of a conflict and a struggle there for us to 'do' our Venus.  It's easier to find those celebrities with Venus conjunct Saturn.  There's lots of 'em.  Vanessa Williams has them conjunct in Aquarius (above). Ashley Judd has them conjunct in Aries. (interesting that she married a race car driver....classic Aries!)

                                                                             Photo by manningmbd

Julianne Moore has the conjunction in Capricorn,

                                                              Photo by gdcgraphics

and even Angelina Jolie has the conjunction, although wide, in Cancer

Photo by chris natt

Mariah Carey has the almost exact conjunction in Aries. 

Jennifer Aniston has a wide conjunction in Aries

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