Friday, 15 June 2012

The Progressed Moon and lifestyle changes

Do you watch your progressed Moon as it moves through your chart?  Whenever it changes signs, you tend to attract people and experiences related to the sign and/or house that it's in.

To check and see what sign your Progressed Moon is in right now, you can go to  After plugging in your natal data, use the 'Extended Chart Selection' to progress your chart.

I used to be vigilant about watching my progressed Moon as it entered different houses and different signs to see how it would be reflected in my life.  If your progressed Moon enters the sign of, say, Pisces, then you're going to attract more Pisces people into your life, and have more Piscean experiences.

I remember when my Progressed Moon entered Sag in my 5th house back in 2000, I met a man who had both Venus and Mars conjunct in Sagittarius.  And was he ever Saggy!  He was super athletic, owed a boat, loved to mountain-bike, and took me out waterskiing when we first got together. 

All his friends seemed to be Sagittarian Sun signs too, or they had very Saggy energy.  All the women were very natural and never wore makeup!  I felt out of place with this with my Venus in Taurus square Saturn, but I did learn to relax a bit in the makeup department.

His ex girlfriend was the mountain biking champion of our area...of course.  (I'm so not a mountain biker).  He had a revolving door policy at his house too, which means he never locked his front door so people would be coming and going at all hours.  (It drove me crazy!).  As a side note, his address added up to a 5....which is the number of chaos, fun, restlessness and of bachelorhood!   Anyway, there were parties every weekend, and I became quite the party girl. He made me more confident with hiking, and with being outdoors, and I had some great experiences with him in his cabin out in the Gulf Islands.  This was the quintessential Saggy 5th house experience, and I quite enjoyed it for a little while.  As an introvert (they all were extroverts) it started to wear on me after a while though, and I ended up drinking waaaay too much.  A little too much 5th house!   So, I was fully immersed in my progessed moon during this time period and really enjoyed how it opened my life up at the time.   After we broke up, it all completely stopped, and a number of months later my prog moon entered practical and work oriented Capricorn.  What sign is your progressed moon in?  Are you meeting more people who have that Sun sign?  They're helping you to incorporate that energy into your life.