Saturday, 30 June 2012

Tom Cruise Katie Holmes divorce - a study of Uranus

Photo by Jay Tamboli of Tom and Katie at White House Correspondents Dinner.

So what happened?  The news of the divorce took everyone by surprise, even more than the news of their engagement.  Their whole relationship is a classic Uranian one.  Uranus is the planet of impulse, excitement and exhilaration, as well as separation and sudden breaks.  It's that 'love at first sight' feeling.  Uranus can make you feel on top of the world. Tom and Katie had very strong Uranus contacts between their natal astrology chart.   Katie has Venus conjunct Uranus natally, which shows she falls in love quickly and acts impulsively.  Even in their synastry, Tom's Venus squared her Venus and Uranus. I'd say that there was an awful lot of excitement between them, as they both very loudly professed early in the relationship. Uranus is also the planet of the renegade, of someone who likes to do things outside of the box or to do things in an unorthodox way. Their marriage may not be as traditional as some people think.  There was talk of a 5 yr contract.  I wouldn't be surprised at all.

Unfortunately, Uranus aspects are not ones of longevity. They are aspects of the roller coaster. Lots of excitement, and then the very thing you loved about the person turns out to be the very thing that irritates you no end. Tom's Venus at 19 Leo falls right on Katie' Ascendant, so he thinks she is beautiful. Katie also has Uranus square her Moon natally....she needs a lot of freedom and excitement. Well, Tom Cruise is the most exciting man in the world....he's the world's biggest movie star! This is the classic Uranian relationship.....its fun while it lasts, but it won't last long, as Uranus is also the planet of sudden breaks, of disruption and of separations. His Mars is also opposing her Uranus.   Very often Uranian relationships have one partner traveling quite a bit, resulting in separation, as happened here with one or both of them away on a movie set. Usually though, its a classic indicator of divorce...sooner than later. And the nature of the whole relationship is Uranian and sudden - they got together quickly, and the ending was sudden and unpredictable as well
                                                      Photo by from flickr

Astrologically speaking, Tom's Leo planets conjuncted her Asc, Moon and Jupiter.   I think she saw him as the ideal of what she wanted in a partner.  He fit the bill perfectly.  The fact that he was a Scientologist and had two marriages under his belt already.....oh well, she'd deal with that later.  Tom certainly professed his love for Katie, but   her Moon and Jupiter fell right on his MC, which is his point of public image!  Being with her was helping his image in some way.   And her three Sag planets fell in his sector of money and security.  Somehow she also made him feel secure, or he felt that she helped make him more bankable.   He was looking for a family of course, because with Ceres and Juno conjunct his Sun, a family unit is everything to him, and Katie's Venus in Scorpio trines his Sun Juno Ceres conjunction quite nicely.

His Saturn also opposes her Moon(emotions) and her Jupiter (belief systems).  She felt that he didn't support her belief systems or her faith.  Obviously, with the whole Scientology thing being forced on her.  And his Saturn opposing her Moon...that usually makes the Moon person feel like they're not living up to the Saturn person's standards.  And it can make the Moon person feel unloved in the long term....or the Moon person can feel like the Saturn person is acting more like a parent than a partner.  There's pressure to perform.....geez, he even made her change her name.    I'm very admiring of Katie for breaking away from his Saturn control thing.  Not an easy thing to do.

                                                            Photo by Waponi
I'm sure Tom has a good heart underneath all that brainwashing and control freakism. I've never heard him say a bad word about anybody (except the whole Brook Shields thing...but that was more of a anti-psychiatry Scientology rant). I think he tried to live his life with honesty and integrity, but he got sucked in to the whole CO$ (Church of Scientology) cult....maybe looking for a father figure in L. Ron Hubbard.   He's positive, ...,,and its hard to deny that he gives 110% to everything he does.  The thing is, he just doesn't come across as real or natural.  He's always talking about how amazing Katie is and how amazing his life is and how amazing his kids are....which is good in a way, except that everything he says just rings false and fake.  Maybe its the Scientology brainwashing thing.  It could also be the strong Saturn in his chart (talked about below).  That makes image so important to him, so he can never let anyone see what he's really like, or what he really feels.  He has to always be in control of how he is perceived.  Its all about control for him.

                                                        Photo by Ian Fromblighty

Astrologically, Tom has the aspects of Sun inconjunct Saturn, and Moon oppose Saturn.  These are really rough aspects emotionally.  He most likely has a very hard time getting too close to anyone emotionally or letting himself be too vulnerable, and judging from the looks of that Saturn on the IC of his chart, which is the point reflecting the father, it likely stems from the fact that his alcoholic and abusive Dad left when he was very young.  It's like he has an emotional wall up all the time.   Sun Saturn people have a lot of fear that they're not good enough and they doubt themselves...Moon Saturn people too.  They can be really hard on themselves and strive to do the best that they can, but they sometimes can demand too much of themselves.  There is a lot of self doubt, which is why they try so dang hard! They need to learn to trust themselves more, cause if they did they wouldn't have to try to control everything around them.  They need to learn to trust that no matter what happens, they'll be able to handle it.  Tom seems like a super control freak, trying to control not only his image, but the people close to him as well.

Sun Saturn people have a thing about authority too.  They hate other people having any kind of control over them, which in effect makes them control freaks.  So why is he drawn to Scientology?  Did you see the 2008 video that was leaked to youtube....I just saw it on TMZ, you can see it here......and in it he states that "we (scientologists) are the authorities"......and he goes on to state all the things that Scientology is 'the authority' on.  I believe his challenge in this lifetime is to learn to trust himself more, and to be his own authority in life, and not to see it in any external source.   It's like he externalized authority and projected it onto Scientology, and then he become one of the top Scientologists to become one of the 'authorities' himself.  Weird.  Even Bret Michaels, whom Tom based the character of Stacie Jaxx on, says that Tom is 'serious about having fun.' .  Wow.   That's pretty Saturnian. 

I think Nicole was in love with him too.  I mean really, what red blooded straight female wouldn't be hot for TC?  I mean, remember back to Cocktail, and Days of Thunders and Rain Man?  He was hot!

                                                            Photo by Rita Molnar

Speaking of Nicole, as I put her chart up, it looks an awful lot like Katie Holmes chart!  I mean, Nicole's two Leo planets fall right on Tom's MC (image point), so she too was good for his image, or somehow was helping him keep a certain image.  Her Moon in Sag is in his security-seeking 2nd house, just like Katie's Sun in Sag. I did feel more chemistry between them than there was between Tom and Katie though, that's for sure.  It felt more real.

So, what precipitated the TomKat break-up?  The last lunar eclipse on June 4th was on Katie's Sun, and it also happened to square her natal Saturn in the 8th house of endings. The writing was on the wall at that point.   The composite chart of their relationship shows it as well - the epochal Uranus Pluto square hit them like a ton of bricks, activating their Sun Venus Uranus opposite Chiron in the relationship houses.  Chiron represents wounding...and it just got activated, so whatever wounds one or both or them have, its going to be an issue.  Mars has just hit their Asc and is now out in the open in their first house, and is about to hit all their Libra planets in the first house.
Katie's progressed Sun just changed sign recently too.  The progressed Sun changes signs every 30 years, and ushers in a whole new cycle.  Well, hers just changed a few months ago, and came up to conjunct her Progressed Mars, all in her progressed First house.  It's the warrior woman aspect!  It's the take-no-prisoners aspect.  And its in Aquarius too, which can be very fixed and determined to do
what's right.  It's like being a rebel with a huge cause...saving her daughter from Scientology, Scientology advocates limited or no contact with any non-Scientologist family members.

Tom's chart is not looking good.  It looks like late October and early November are gonna be rough.   Neptune inconjuncts his Moon on Jul 13th, so he's feeling it right now, and this is the aspect of emotional confusion and adjustment.  At the end of October, he's got Progressed Moon square Pluto -an intense time.  Emotions that have built up over a period of time now will need an outlet.  Any unresolved conflict or problems that are simmering could likely erupt then too.  If one has been harbouring secrets then they are likely to be revealed during this period.  He's then got Saturn square his Moon at that same time, which is sadness and loss and even depression.  Which would be appropriate for someone who's lost his family life as he knew it.  And then in November he's got Solar Arc Pluto inconjuncting his Mars.  Powerful aspect!    It's an inconjunct though, so he'll have to make adjustments along the way to get what he wants.   This should be interesting!  I'm sure most of this will be played out behind the scenes, and only Tom will know how he's really feeling.

Let's hope that all the abuses of the cult of Scientology finally come to full light and they are finally held accountable!