Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively - a study of Pluto

So, they got hitched!  Will it last?  This is Ryan's 3rd engagement, and 2nd marriage.  Both Ryan and Blake have a super stelliums in their chart.  Ryan has a super stellium in Scorpio, which means he has 4 planets in Scorpio - Sun and Moon conjunct Uranus and Mars in Scorpio.   Wow!  Talk about intense.  This guy is a double Scorpio, and Uranus and Mars give him quite an edge.  There's a strong drive for freedom with this stellium, and for action as well.

 Blake has a super stellium in Virgo - she has 5 planets in Virgo!  This is also very unusual.  What's more, these 5 planets fall in Ryans's 12th house. (he's a late Virgo rising).  When someone's planets fall in your 12th house, you feel like they can see in to your soul.  They see the real you, and obviously Ryan likes that.  The biggest issue for Scorpios is that of trust.  He feels like he can trust her implicitly.  If we use the Whole sign house system, which I always use now, then all her Virgo falls in his first house, so she in effect stimulates his sector of identity and image.....he probably feels like she really 'gets' him.  And she probably does.  She 'lights' him up.  Blake has gone on the record by saying that she has only kissed 3 men in her life (outside of movies)....well, she said that a number of months ago, but still.  Actually, with all that Virgo I believe her.  Some Virgos can be extremely discriminating.

Ryan is also very romantic.  He has the marriage asteroid Juno in the sign of Libra -  he's a sucker for a traditional marriage.  But, his Sun and Moon conjunct Mars and Uranus fights that.  It gives him a strong urge for freedom and excitement.  This is probably why he's been engaged 3 times, and married twice by the age of 35.   He also has love planet Venus in the freedom sign of Sag, and its also conjunct Neptune, making him very idealistic about love and romance.   I can see how he gets bowled over easily by a woman, but that Uranus soon gives him itchy feet, and things can fall apart quickly.  His getting married so quickly is a symptom of that excitement loving Uranus.  He falls fast and he falls hard, and then he jumps in with both feet.  Both Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise have the Uranus strong in their charts, and their whirlwind romance is classic Uranus.

One of their biggest inter-aspects is Blake's Pluto right on top of Ryan's Scorpio Stellium.  Her Pluto conjuncts his Sun, Moon, Uranus and Mars.  This is INTENSE!  This makes for a very strong sexual chemistry, and since Ryan is a Scorpio, he's really going to dig all that intensity.  However, Pluto is also the planet of power and control.  Over time this can morph into power struggles, and since its her Pluto, Ryan may be the one who feels controlled.  Pluto on his Mars especially can be very stormy.  It's also a very competitive energy between then as one will likely try to exert  dominance, power and control over the other.  They should expect fireworks of all kinds.

So, will it last?  Possibly, if they can find a way to channel all that intensity.  I mean, you can't have sex 24 hours a day, so they're going to have to find a way to express it in other ways.  Otherwise, it could erupt in fights and power plays.

For longevity, we must look to Saturn, the planet of commitment.  No strong Saturn aspects between them, at least not to any personal planets.  That's not good in terms of a lasting commitment.  Saturn gives structure and keeps people bonded.  They do have one Saturn aspect, with his Saturn squaring her Ceres, the parenting asteroid.  It could be that having kids would be the structure and bond that keeps them together.

Pluto is all about transformation, so maybe this is a karmic alliance where they agreed to get married in this liftetime to move through issues at warp speed.  At they very least they will grow spiritually from this union -  and maybe that's why they are together in the first place.