Sunday, 25 November 2012

The Myth of Lance Armstrong - the Astrology of Narcissistic Personality Disorder

All the lies!  It's almost mind-boggling that at this point, after being stripped of all 7 of his Tour de France medals,  and after all the overwhelming evidence convicting him, and being caught in outright lies, you'd think he'd take some sort of responsibility for his actions.  Nope!  He has actually gone the other way.  He said he never tested positive for EPO. but that's because there was no effective test for it.  Once the test was developed, they re-rested all of his samples, and 6 out of 15 came back positive for EPO!

 I just finished watching a special on Lance from The Fifth Estate, and it was amazing!  You can watch it here Lance Armstrong - the Master of Spin. There was a woman named Betsy who testified as to hearing Lance admit that he took EPO and other performance enhancing drugs when she was with him and a doctor and a couple of other people in a hospital room.  Lance not only said she was lying, he said she was unhinged, delusional and ugly!  Yes, Lance is a huge bully. Whether she's a credible witness or not, it's just one of many examples that show how he goes above and beyond to discredit and abuse anyone who speaks out against him.  He has deliberately attacked and ruined the lives of many of those around him.

I think Lance is beyond a bully, and is a classic NPD, or Narcissistic Personality Disorder.  They believe they are Godlike - and are devoid of emotion or empathy for others.  I've known a few NPDs in my life, and if someone dares to question them, they go on the attack.  They can be extremely cruel, threatening and intimidating. They lie effortlessly and continuously. They actually believe they are better than other people and that others are there to be used and abused. There is no moral compass.

They are known for being extremely charming when they want to be.  This woman Betsy said this very thing....she said he was a 'chameleon' and would change depending on what he wanted from people. He would openly bully people when they weren't doing what he wanted.

When you watch the show and see his answers when he was testifying in 2005, you get a taste of his bullying attitude.  NPDs lie so easily they almost don't even know that they're doing it.  They even believe their own lies.  This explains why Lance won't take any responsibility for his actions.

I've also read that NPD types think that people are either winners, or losers.  Lance did everything he could to be seen as a winner, and to be the alpha male in the cycling world, and apparently people were scared of him.  Speaking of winners, isn't that a classic Donald Trump phrase? I think Donald Trump is a classic NPD, and  Madonna too, along with OJ Simpson, Ryan O'Neal, Tiger Woods and Naomi Campbell.

Astrologically, the word myth speaks to Neptune.  Lance is a late Scorpio rising, with Neptune and Jupiter conjunct in the 1st house.   Neptune rising by itself gives one an aura or a glamourous image, and conjunct Jupiter it just makes him seem larger than life.

Neptune rising can cause one to create and live in a fantasy world.  His was the world where he was the biggest and the best.  Neptune is the master of illusion.  Neptune also can make one delusional, and conjunct Jupiter it can amplify the delusion. 

The one common thread I've seen in charts of NPDs and of people who lack empathy, is a lack of water planets and water house placements.  Lance does not have a single planet in water!   Water is, of course, the element that rules emotions.  Lack of water does not mean lack of emotion, but it does speak to a certain difficulty in dealing with emotion, and in come cases that could cause one to just shut off from emotion, which is the case here, and the case in many NPDs.

On top of that, he has no planets in the water houses either!  This is one very tough cookie with no empathy or kindness for others.  If he appears kind, its likely because there is something in it for him.

Saturn has just entered the sign of Scorpio, and has just entered Lance's 12th house, the house of self sabotage and self undoing.  Saturn demands that we be accountable for our actions.....and so all this deceit has come to light.  Lance is being asked to be accountable, yet he still refuses.  Saturn doesn't give up.  He will be in Scorpio for 3 years....and his message will get louder and more uncomfortable until Lance speaks up.  NPDs are notoriously tough nuts to crack.....even in psychotherapy.   I think Saturn is going to make Lance's life a nightmare from now on.  This is a defining moment in his life, and he screwed it up.  If he does own up to it, it will be because he wants to better his image in the public eye, not because he's sorry he did it.

Here's a link to know more about  NPD

Update - Jan 15th 2013. 
So, apparently he confessed to Oprah, and his interview will air tomorrow.  And the media is saying that apparently he's 'not contrite' at all.  Just as I said before, he's only trying to repair his image, he's certainly not sorry about the pain he caused others.  NPDs never are.   Saturn will continue to kick his butt until he gets it....if he ever does.

Update - Jan 17th
Just saw Part 1 of the interview.   Wow, this is one cool customer.  He was completely devoid of emotion!  He talked about his actions, what he did do, what he didn't do, what he did say etc...but there was no remorse, no passion and certainly no empathy for those he hurt.  He never said he was sorry, and I don't think he is.  He called the horrible things he did a 'flaw' in his character.  He certainly was true to his chart, that's for sure. 

Jan 18th  Part 2 of the interview - he showed a little emotion when he talked about his kids.  I don't think he cares about his kids' feelings so much as he cares about what his kids think about him....and that his kids hold him up as a someone to be admired.  That's what NPDs care about, what others think of them, certainly not how others feel.. He said he was deeply sorry for what he did. He only said it once though...and it doesn't really ring true if you ask me.   And the part where he says he thinks he deserves to be able to race again and doesn't know why other people could trade their story and get 6 months suspension and he has to get a death sentence...that's showing his true colours.  I think he's still lying, cause that's what NPDs do.

Saturn in his house of self undoing and self sabotage will continue to dog him for the next 2 years. His progressed Sun is still applying to inconjunct Saturn, so there's more to come for Lance. Whether its public or not is unknown, but he still has some lessons coming due for him soon.