Thursday, 27 December 2012

Kate Winslet weds again - hopeless romantic?

                                                                     Photo from Vancouver Sun
It's official.  Kate Winslet married Ned Rock N Roll earlier this month!  I guess she's Kate RocknRoll now.  She had previously been married to British director Jim Threapleton (from 1998 to 2001) and "Skyfall" director Sam Mendes (2003 to 2010).   Her ex Sam Mendes was with Rachel Weisz and then Kate Winslet was “the other woman” who stole him from Weisz.  And then Rebecca Hall did the same thing to Kate. Who will “steal” Sam from Rebecca?  And so on and so on and so on.....
                                                                       Photo from TV Guide
Kate is only 37 years old, and already has 3 marriages under her belt.  What's really going on here?  Well, Kate is a Libra, as she as born on October 5, 1975 in Reading, UK.  Libran women tend to be quite romantic at heart and they are naturally oriented toward relating and relationships. 
Kate, however, is a TRIPLE LIBRA!   This means she has her Sun, her Moon and her Rising Sign all in Libra.  Romantic doesn't even begin to describe this alignment.  Libras tend to be hopeful romantics, but her alignments say she's more of a hopeless romantic.  She believes in everlasting love, and she will never give up until she finds it. ( I think her role in Titanic was tailor made for her!).   Moon in Libra especially needs and wants to be in a relationship, as the Moon describes what makes us feel safe and secure.  For her, its all about love and relationships.
Kate and Ned have only been dating for a year before they tied the knot.  That's fast in my book.  The story is that she went for vacation to Richard Branson's island with one man that she was currently dating, and she left it with Ned!
Kate has powerful and obsessive Pluto conjunct all those Libran placements, which amplifies her magnetism and charm.  It also amplifies that romantic streak, and when she wants something or someone, she won't rest until she gets it! The goal of marriage becomes her foremost priority, and it's an almost compulsive and overwhelming focus for her. This intensity and focus has worked well for her in her career, but obviously not so well in her personal life. 
This Pluto overlay to all her planets gives her a Scorpio undertone.  This is why she's so private and secretive about her personal life.  She's known for being one of the most private A list celebrities.  And it also explains her fondness and ongoing friendship with Leo DiCaprio, as he is a Scorpio and she resonates to that energy and understands it.
This Pluto energy draws her to sexually magnetic men, or relationships that are intense and sexual and utterly compelling in some way.  She digs intensity and all consuming love, and that whole 'I will die for you"  kind of love, and she falls deep, hard and fast.  She wants to merge on all levels.  See that pic of her and Ned in matching outfits?  That's part of the whole 'we are one' thing.  I think that's what happened with Ned Rock n Roll.  He must have some sort of intense Scorpio sexual vibe going on, but since we don't have his birthdate, I can't analyze him.  I hate that.
No healthy relationship can withstand this kind of intensity long-term.  So, I don't hold a lot of hope that this one will.  But every relationship is an opportunity for growth, and she's certainly embracing the journey.
Kate has been going through a Neptune transit opposing her Venus this year.  Neptune is the planet of deception, illusion, idealism, and its very very easy to place someone up on a pedestal during this time.  It's like she's looking at rocker Ned through rose coloured glasses.   She has Neptune opposing her Venus exactly on Dec 7, 2012, which is very close to the day they got married.   Neptune is highly romantic, but when its opposing Venus, watch out!
Kate ie going through intense transits in 2013...transformative Pluto is squaring her Sun and Moon and Ascendant.  This is life changing stuff!  Her relationship is likely to go through changes at that time as well.  Or, another possibility is that she may get pregnant, since Pluto rules birth as well as death and endings. 
Uranus, the planet of separations and sudden change will be opposing her Sun, Moon and Asc next year too.  It will be hitting her marriage point as well, so I suspect her new marriage won't last through that onslaught. 
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UPDATE - June 4th, 2013.   Kate Winslet just announced she is pregnant, just as Pluto is exactly squaring her Asc!