Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Famous Scorpio risings

Your rising sign is the sign that was rising over the horizon at the moment that you took your first breath.  It's also called the Ascendant of your natal chart.

Rising signs have a lot to do with what we look like, and its also the mask we wear.  It's what people see when they first meet you.  It's the first impression.  If you have your Sun or Moon in a harmonious aspect with your Ascendant, then others can easily see the real you.  If not, then it may take a while to get past the rising sign to see the other parts of your personality underneath.

So what does a Scorpio rising look like?  You can always tell by their eyes.  Very intense they can see right through you.  And they likely can!  Piercing.  Many boyfriends throughout my life have had Scorpio rising, so I suppose I'm attuned to that energy.

Besides the eyes, they often have a hawk-like profile, with a prominent bridge over the nose.  Not always of course, but those are the ones I can usually identify right away.  They're usually shorter in stature, with a strong broad body.  Then there are the tall and slender types like Nicole Kidman.  Often Scorpio risings are very dark and exotic looking....the women have a femme fatale kind of thing going on without even trying.  Then there are those that are fair with ice blue eyes...just as intense.  Maybe even more so.  My ex had the ice blue eye situation going on.  I found it intimidating to look him in the eye right at the beginning.  I don't know if they are aware that they have this effect on people.

Sometimes they're hard to identify by body type, but when they look right at you, you can tell right away by their eyes and their intensity!   They are naturally charismatic, magnetic and exude mega sex appeal.  They are also typically very private about their personal lives.

These people are master strategists, and some can become control freaks.  They don't miss much, just like the Eagle which is the animal totem for Scorpio.  They don't give much away when you talk to them least not until you've earned their trust. 

These people are smart!  They know what they want and they usually have an agenda as to how to get it.  Very rarely are they stupidly impulsive.  Things are well thought out in terms of getting to their goal.  And get to it they will, as they have the most discipline of any other sign. 

Here are some famous Scorpio risings:

Tom Cruise - Mr. Intense himself.  His look made him the perfect pic to play the vampire Lestat.

Nicole Kidman - I would not have picked her out at first glance, but she does have the Scorp rising eyes and look

Ben Stiller - His listed birthtime makes him a Gemini rising, but I don't believe it.  He has the classic Scorpio rising look.  Intense eyes, hawk nose and shorter in stature.

Colin Egglesfield - don't know his birthtime, but he has the look.

Lance Armstrong - need we say more?   He's a Scorpio rising and just scary all around.

Natalie Portman has 11 Scorpio rising

Diane Keaton is not one I'd peg right away, but its clear once you really look at her.  She's a 14 Scorpio rising

Chelsea Clinton is a Scorp rising too.  I can really see her Pisces Sun giving her that full face look, but the Scorpio rising is still very apparent!  She looks so much like her mom, who's a Scorpio herself.

Zachary Quinto is a 18 degree Scorpio rising

Vanessa Paradis is a 19 Scorp rising

Jennifer Love Hewitt - I always see her Pisces Sun, but she sure knows how to play up her Scorpio rising sex appeal (she displays her assets!)

Clint Eastwood is 18 Scorpio rising.  Also known for being extremely private.