Wednesday, 25 September 2013

How to win contests using astrology

Yes!  You actually can win contests using astrology, or at least up the odds in your favour quite a bit.  I know this because......I just won a trip to Maui using astrology!

I hope to be seeing lots of these little guys

And do some horseback riding in the Maui Mountains

Maybe hike through the Iao Valley

 Will definitely not be doing the Road to Hana.  Just looking at it makes me queasy.

Add in lots of beach frolic.  Love, love LOVE to swim in the ocean.

This was a contest that was open to ALL Canadian residents of legal age, and we were allowed to enter everyday for two months. So, I entered at least 20 times, and I used the best astrological times I could find. There were a couple of times that were outstanding, and I had it down to the minute (even seconds) of when to enter on certain days. I also knew to avoid using Void moon times. (check out my post of Void moon phases here  for more info on Voids)

The second part of winning is to see if you have any good transits happening during the time that the draw is made.   You can still win even under less than amazing transits.  I happen to be under a brutal Saturn transit right now, as Saturn is conjunct my IC, opposing my Venus on the MC, and about to square my natal Saturn in the 7th.   Not a fun time.  This is the transit under which my father passed away earlier this year.

However, there were a couple of other transits that made the difference.   Trips to foreign vacation locales are ruled by the 9th house, and I have three 9th house transits.  Jupiter is squaring my natal Mercury in the 9th, and Mars is trining it at the same time.  Mars also rules the 9th.  And the full moon last week was right on my Mars.   I also have Pluto trining my MC almost exactly, and as the MC is our reputation and stature, I'm getting some attention and recognition for this.

I also won a contest in 2007 using electional astology.  It was a radio contest, but you could enter online only one time.  I like online contests as they allow one to enter at a very specific time.  I entered, and won, and ended up with $800.00.  I was very excited! 

If you want an easy way to find good electional times to do just about anything, I highly recommend Chris Brennan's regular column in the Mountain Astrologer magazine.  It's called Auspicious Elections and the magazine comes out bi-monthly.  Electional times means times to elect to do something.  He gives you the days and the times and exactly what the election is best used for.  It is slightly advanced though, in that he uses astro terminology.  For example, he will say that there is an auspicious time for financial matters on Wed shortly after sunrise when Pisces is rising.  So, you have to figure out exactly when Pisces is rising in your location.  You can just use and put up a free chart.  Plunk in a few times for that day and you can see when pisces is rising in your location.

The newest issue is the October/November issue just out.   You can get it at most Whole Foods Markets or specialty newstands.  Here in Vancouver I get it at Chapters/Indigo or McNews.   I used as many of his electional times as I could as well as my own, and between the two of us it worked.   I'm a huge fan of Chris and always listen to his podcasts. 

So, if you want to see whether its worth entering a contest, check out your transits for when the draw is made, as well as the lunations and the eclipses.  Do they aspect your chart?   Lunar Eclipses can affect a chart up to a month in advance.  We have a Lunar Eclipse next month on October 18th at 26 degrees of Aries, which activates my 9th house and is on my Sun and Mercury.   Do you have any planets around 26 Aries?   If so, you're about to be eclipsed and you could get lucky, depending on where Aries falls in your chart!

When you're electing a chart  - to do anything really -  the most important thing is to have a strong Asc ruler.   That, and a strong Moon.  Sometimes those are the only two things that you can get to work in a certain period of time.

Right now the only planet with considerable strength is Jupiter in exaltation in Cancer.  Mars is in Leo, which is better than when he was in detriment in Cancer.  Venus has just left her detriment sign of Scorpio and has just entered Sag, which is a step up.  So, right now I'd try to use either Sag or Pisces rising, and then get the Moon to be in a good aspect applying to Jupiter or Venus or even Mars, and keep Saturn out of the house which you are trying to fortify.  So, if you want a good money chart, then make sure Saturn is not in the 2nd house.  You get the idea.

Electional astrology is quite an art.  I've taken a few courses on it, but I'm still always learning.  It  makes you tear your hair out trying to find just the right time.  Sometimes, there just isn't one.  So, we do the best we can with what we've got.