Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Scorpio themes


Those Scorpio actors are really getting a lot of play these days, aren't they?  And shows with Scorpio themes seem to be big now too - vampires, love and obsession.  This is partly due to Saturn's sojourn through Scorpio.  Saturn represent career and work, among other things, so these Scorpio actors are getting a lot more work and responsibility and notoriety.  Saturn does reward us for our hard work, but he does tend to take his time doing it.   There are a couple of actors in particular that have been at the game for a long time, but are only now really getting really noticed. 

 The show Betrayal is one of my new faves -  a show about obsession, jealousy and passion.  All very Scorpionic. And completely addicting to watch.  So, of course I would expect the lead to have some Scorpio in his chart, since he seems to fit the part so well.

Stuart Townsend  - what can I say, the dude is really, really sexy.  Where has he been all this time?  He dated Charlize Theron for 9 years, and they broke up in '09. 


So, I looked up his chart, and of course he has the both Venus and Mars, the sex and love planets, in Scorpio!  Of course he does.  He also has Juno, the relationship asteroid in Scorpio as well, conjunct his Venus and Mars.  This is about as sexy a placement as you can get. He also has Pluto, the co ruler of Scorpio and the planet of obsession in the sign of Libra, which is the sign of relationships.  I would venture to guess that he's also a Scorpio rising, just based on his looks and mannerisms as I watch the show.   He just has 'that look.'   His chart shows that passion and jealousy and obsession are already part of his astrological makeup, and he has likely dealt with these issues in his life, which makes him a perfect fit for this role.   As one very famous astrologer once said, Scorpios don't form relationships, they take hostages!  I see that in his past he has also played a Vampire in Queen of the Damned.  Again, all that Scorpio in him makes him perfect for the role.

The new show Dracula premiered last night, October 25th, starring Jonathan Rhys Meyers.    He got quite a bit of notoriety when he played King Henry VIII in the Tudors, which is also quite a Scorpionic-themed show.  Lots of jealousy, and plotting and revenge and sex and passion.  Scorpio to the hilt!   Interesing that this new show Dracula debuted as the Sun was in Scorpio.  That should help it in the ratings.

Jonathan has no natal planets in Scorpio, but I'm betting that he's a Scorpio rising.  I get such a strong Scorpio vibe, and he works in those Scorpio-type roles.  It also puts his 3 Leo planets in his career house, which works well.  He's been around for a long time and been in lots of movies, but Saturn on his Ascendant has thrust him into another lead, and he'll likely do very well with it, considering the timing of it all.

Saturn has been in Scorpio since October of 2012, and will leave it in January of 2015.

All Scorpio risings and Scorpios born in late October have had Saturn conjunct their Sun this last year.  You've likely had to deal with more heavier levels of responsibility as a result, very often to do with work and career, although it could be in any area.  My fitness instructor just told me that she was born in late October, and she had just opened her own fitness studio within the last year or two.  Classic Saturn on her Sun....a whole new level of pressure and responsibility! 

Saturn can very often signal a loss of some kind, especially when its in the sign of Scorpio!  It's as if Saturn is saying its time to let go of these attachments and we're forced to grow up and stand on our own two feet.

Scorpios born up to November 12 are going to feel Saturn on them this fall, and then later born Scorpios will feel Saturn next year.