Thursday, 31 October 2013

Void of Course Moon

Yep, timing is everything!

When the Moon is Void of Course  its a cosmic Time Out.  It feels like you're in 'the twilight zone.' It's Void when the Moon will not make any more aspects to inner planets before it leaves that sign. Technically speaking, its also void when its out of orb of its next applying aspect in that sign. The usual phrase we use for a void moon period is that 'nothing will come of the matter.' Years of beating my head against the wall trying to make things work under this influence has taught this impatient Aries much  respect for the void.

I've realized its all about intention too. When the Moon is Void, nothing will come of the matter of the intention, but unintended matters have an element of serendipity to them. If I want to go to the store to buy cat food and the moon is void, naturally the shelf where the catfood is will be empty.   However, whilst I'm in the store I may come upon a fantastic sale on kumquats.  Bonus! I love kumqats and so load up on kumquats, but leave without the necessary catfood.  I once went to return a blouse to the store when the moon was void.   Naturally I lose the receipt on the way to the store and was unable to return it. Intention baby, intention.   So, of course, don't start any big endeavours on a void moon. For heaven's sake don't sign a contract under it . Don't enter a contest or buy a lotto ticket at this time as nothing will come of it.   Especially don't go to the dentist. You just never know what you'll end up with if you start something with a void moon. Usually you will not get the result that you hoped for, or you may have to do some aspect of the endeavour over again. 

One famous astrologer says to mail your taxes in under a void so that nothing will come of it. No! Its actually the opposite. If you want the tax man to 'not see' your return, then if the moon is void your intention will be thwarted. They will see it instead, or it will get lost in the mail and you'll have to re-do it, or who knows what! I find its best to mail them in with good flowing aspects instead.

Because one of the mantras for void moons is 'nothing will come of that matter' some astrologers think that nothing happens under voids. That could not be further from the truth!   It's really that nothing will come of the matter intended. Some things proceed as usual, but there will always be some sort of glitch. Believe me, I hear an awful lot of ambulance and fire engine sirens when its void. People have miscalculated and accidents happen under void moon times.

So, if possible, plan to do activities where you want specific results when the Moon is not void.  For example, make sure the moon is not in a Void phase when you plan important meetings, or when you go to medical professionals or consultants. Especially avoid Void moon times when money is involved.

So what are Void moons good for then? They're great for laughing your head off! It's a fantastic time for a party because it makes everyone lose their inhibitions, as long as you don't mind people being late or things not going to plan. It's a trade off. One girlfriend had a party on a void and the dinner burned, but we didn't care. It was void, so we just laughed it off. It's the perfect time to clean house, do laundry etc.. and also a great time to deliver bad news as the reaction will be minimal (or come to nothing!) .

According to astrologer Estelle Daniels in her book Astrologickal Magick, she noted that President Ronald Reagan frequently had his addresses to the nation starting at odd times - like 2:11 pm, or 11:47 am.  These were often the times that the Moon was starting to go Void.  Joan Quigley knew exactly what she was doing,  When the President gave his addresses to the public during these times, especially if he had to deliver bad news, the effects or the fallout would be minimized. People would forget, or he somehow would not be held accountable for any promises he made, or things he failed to do.  No wonder they called him the Teflon President.  Because of his well-timed use of Voids, nothing negative ever stuck!

We usually try to plan our family get-togethers under a Void We always have the best time! It's also a good time to confront a phobia or fear, as even these seem to be less severe under a void influence. I can usually tell when the Moon is void as its when I often find myself starting to clean the house without planning to.

The Moon can also be Void when its out of orb of its next aspect. Many modern astrologers forget this fact.

According to the famous renaissance astrologer William Lilly, the Moon does have some ability to function even when its Void of course in the signs of Cancer, Sag, Pisces and Taurus, as the Moon is in its rulership in the sign of Cancer, is exalted in the sign of Taurus, and is happy in Jupiter's signs of Sag and Pisces. It won't function well in these void signs mind you, but its not as a complete of a disaster as it is when its just plain Void.  

Keep track of all the moon signs and void phases with a Pocket Astrologer  . I keep one in my purse at all times, so whenever I need to make an appointment with the hairdresser or dentist, I can check immediately and make sure the moon is not void, and see what times are good to do things, and what times are not.  It's user friendly and basically tells you what times are good for what things.