Sunday, 16 March 2014

Uranus square Pluto - the end of the US dollar standard

Financial astrology supports what the world economists have been saying for years now. The US dollar is tanking,  yet they just keep printing more and more currency which of course just devalues it even more.  

 Right now we're in the midst of a hugely transformative Pluto square Uranus aspect that has already changed the landscape of how we live our life.  It started a two years ago, and will continue on through to the middle of 2015, with certain time periods being more intense than others.

Pluto in Capricorn symbolizes plutocracy in general, as well as major institutions, corporations, governments, the economy, the world central banking system and the IMF (international monetary fund).

Uranus, the planet of sudden change, revolution, breaking apart and of separation is challenging that Pluto.  Countries are going bankrupt, people are losing their pensions, and some their homes. 

This aspect is HUGE!  This aspect changes everything.  This aspect symbolizes the end of a certain mindset and way of living.  The old world order (pluto) is being demolished for the new world order (uranus). 

What's really happening is the end of the US dollar standard.

Here's a wonderfully informative video from financial expert Michael Maloney. He actually put out a series of them, 6 in all, explaining in a very calm and simple manner how the US dollar standard is ending and why, the history behind currency and their cycles, why the economy is tanking, the global picture, as well as the cycles of gold and silver and what is coming up in that regard. Wonderful video. Highly recommend. Watch it here .  This is number 3 in a his series.

From a non astrological point of view - Robert Kiyosaki's (Rich Dad Poor Dad) seminars on YouTube are a clear and concise source of information.   He is arguably one of the world's most successful investors, yet he is also an educator.  He is trying to teach people how to work with the changes and not be left with nothing.   He is not an astrologer (that I know of), but he speaks from experience.   He recommends gold and silver, simply because its real money that has real value.  Cash is trash, or it soon will be.  He also reminds us that there is only about 6 years of silver left in the world.  After that, its gone. At the rate India is buying it up though, it could be sooner than that.

And what about India?  India has recently been buying up Silver bullion like there's no tomorrow.    Last spring India bought up 250 tons of silver in one month, 500 tons the next, and eventually bought up 16% of the entire world silver market in 2013!  Not much left for the rest of us, since Silver is a consumable product used in technology.  Once its used, its gone.

And what about China? .There is speculation that they have secretly accummulated tons of gold - 5,000 tons. Much much more than most people thought.  The Chinese know that the US dollar standard is coming to an end, and they are likely hoarding gold to back their own currency.   This scenario will send the price of gold surging upward as well, and we may very well see a gold-backed Yuan in the future.

Robert Kiyosaki says - 'Cash is trash'. The US dollar is continuing to devalue, and at the rate that things are falling apart, he says it looks like 2016 will be when it tanks altogether.

Robert has a book out which goes into more detail about how to survive the coming rough years. 

Rich Dad's Conspiracy of the Rich: The 8 New Rules of Money

He's pretty close when one looks at the astrological timing, but it will likely be well before 2016.  We've got the most intense hit of all this coming April (Cardinal Grand Cross), then another exact hit in Dec of 2014, and then the last and final hit in March of 2015.  That's when we will be looking at exactly what has irrevocably (Pluto) changed in our lives.  Irrevocably meaning its over, its done and there is no going back. 

In terms of timing, we still have the two business planets Saturn and Jupiter in a trine right now.  This offers some small support in terms of the economy.  But what happens when Jupiter enters Leo on July 26th and those two planets will then in a square aspect?  That is the point where we may see things really start to go downhill economically.  So, the April Grand Cross is one major timer, and the Jupiter sign change is another.


  1. thanks for that info ! gotta buy some silver.

    what does the planets say about the missing plane ??

  2. I think the plane is on land somewhere and the US wants it for 'another use.' Possibly a false flag event. I don't know if we'll ever really know the truth.


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