Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Pyramids - use them to heal, or to make wine!

I had to tell you guys about this one!  I'm sure many of you have heard about pyramid energy, and the incredible healing results that result from sitting under a pyramid, or even placing objects under a pyramid.  The chemical composition of things actually change, and toxins are rendered powerless.  One feels calm, alert and has more energy.

Well, Summerhill Winery in Kelowna, BC uses pyramids to age their wine!   They age the wines for 30 days under a pyramid, and they noticed a distinct difference in the resulting wine.  I wonder if the wine becomes an actual healing elixir.  I'm certainly willing to find out!

Summerhill Pyramid

I've linked David Wilcock's video below - start watching at the 18:45 mark through to the 28:00 min mark to hear more specifics of what pyramids can do.