Sunday, 23 November 2014

Saturn in Sagittarius Sept 2015 - Dec 21, 2017

                                                                                        Father Time by Edmund Dulac 1906

Saturn, sometimes known as Father Time, finally leaves the sign of Scorpio where he's been for the last 2.5 years, and enters the sign of Sagittarius. Finally!  It's been a rough couple of years for most people.

Saturn is the planet that pushes us to take responsibility - to step up to the plate and to better ourselves in some way.  Saturn in our natal chart represents what we most fear and where our greatest challenges will lie, and in turn also represents where we will see the most growth.  Saturn shows what we take seriously ! 

Saturn in Scorpio for the past 2.5 years has caused all of use to dig deeper. Scorpio is the sign of transformation, death, rebirth, excavation, sex and of healing. Many people experienced a loss of something/someone, or an ending of some kind.  I myself lost my dear Dad.  Saturn in Scorpio forced many of us to confront our darker sides - our fears, our addictions and our shadow self in order that we may bring these driving forces to light into order to be healed.  Some are in that process right now, and as Saturn sojourns through his last 4 weeks in Scorpio, many will finally make that breakthough !

This is true for institutions as well.  In the Vatican church Pope Francis has brought the rampant pedophilia abuses to light, and these people are now being held accountable, and in some cases arrested. Saturn brings burdens and responsibilities in whatever area of your chart that he is transiting at the time. He makes us accountable for our actions.  The Bill Cosby rape scandal is an example of Saturn in Scorpio - his alleged rapes (Scorpio) of 18 women over the decades are now coming to light and he is being held accountable.  The woman involved can finally move closer to healing (Scorpio).  Also here in Canada Jiam Gomeshi was recently fired from his job as a host on CBC radio for several allegations of sexual assault and of choking. He has since been charged with  4 counts .  Here are two examples of men who held power and positions of authority (Saturn), who abused it and others (Scorpio), and are now being held accountable (Saturn).

Saturn can also bring rewards too though - you reap what you sow.  In that sense Saturn represents Karma.  Saturn also is the great Manifester.  He brings things down to earth by making you focus in a practical way.

So, what does it mean when Saturn moves into the sign of Sagittarius for all of us in a general sense?  Sagittarius is a lighter sign than Scorpio.  It's a fire sign with an optimism for life and a glass-is-half-full attitude.  Sagittarius also represents religion, preaching, higher education, gurus, traveling, idealism, publishing and the legal system.  Sag has vision and likes to look outward and see what's coming down the pike  He's not as good in the here and now, because that's a little boring.  He likes to talk about what could happen, as the world is full of endless possibilities and potentials.

When Saturn enters the sign of Sagittarius, things/ideas that are Sagittarian-ruled come under scrutiny.  Saturn demands answers and he wants things to be done by the book. Saturn doesn't let anything slide.  If something isn't being done according to proper cosmic law, then we are going to see an accounting. Religions are going to be questioned and held up to the microscope.  It will be the very ideaology of religion that will be questioned.  Organized religion and spirituality are very different things, and I expect that organized religion will be going through a questioning and a restructuring period as more and more people finally realize that what they've been told to be 'gospel' may not be the whole truth.  Astrology was a big part of the original Bible teachings, but it was edited out in the Council of Nicea in 300 AD.  They didn't want the people to have that much power.   David Wilcock talks a lot about astrology in the Bible - have a look at some of his youtube videos or read his book The Synchronicity Key.

Writing and publishing comes into vogue.  Everyone is going to want to start writing their memoirs and have them published.  You know how everyone says they have a book they want to write one day - this is the time period when they may actually get to work and do it!

Education will be a big focus.  People will want to get degrees, certificates or some sort of credentials to prove that they know what they're talking about or are qualified to do what they do. Many people will be going back to school.

The whole legal system is also going to be held up to new standards. New laws may be imposed upon lawyers or courts, and due process will be given more scrutiny.  Everything has to be done by the book!

Sagittarius is the sign of beliefs systems, ethics and morals, and Saturn represents authority figures.  We may see certain authority figures start to preach about how they think we should be living our lives - because their standards are the only right standards in their opinion.    Sag energy, in its less than positive form, can be very preachy and judgmental, so be wary of these types over the next 3 years. We will likely see quite a few of them.

Sagittarius is interested in ideals and concepts, so in personal relationships we want to know if we are compatible in our ideals with our partners.  Do we have the same belief systems?  If you're not on the same page that way, chances are you're really going to feel it.  Even if it wasn't a deal breaker before, it could be now.

Generally speaking, Saturn will help people bring their dreams, visions, goals or hopes down into practical reality.  Sagittarius is depicted by the Centaur with his bow and arrow - aiming at some far off distant goal.  If your dream or goal has been pie in the sky and you've hoped that it would just magically manifest one day, Saturn will help you get real with the details in a practical way.  This is the time when you'll receive celestial support to get crystal clear and focused on what you really want to do with your life!

Aries:  Saturn is positively aspecting your sign, helping you to stabilize and ground your energies. The key is figuring out what it is that want enough to put action into making it happen.

Taurus:  There could be some challenges or questions around how you spend/invest shared resources and assets.  You may decide to restructure your current arrangement.  Whilst the bankers may be picky with the details, it's still a very positive time to look into real estate and apply for a mortgage.

Gemini:  Your primary relationships come under scrutiny at this time.  Are your needs being met?  Partners may come across more like parents, and if so it's showing you where you need to take your power back.  The only person with authority over you, is you!   You're making new decisions about how you want to live your life and with whom. Singles may decide to take the plunge and commit.

Cancer:  Work, health and your daily routine come under scrutiny.  It's a fantastic time to finally drop that bad habit and adopt a healthier new one. Finances improve when you restructure your work or work schedule in a way that works better for you.  Your health can be impacted by a work schedule that is too heavy or that is not fulfilling enough.  But, Saturn can also help you figure out what your true calling really is.

Leo:  Saturn could bring new responsibilities or even challenges around children, or it could bring you happy news of a pregnancy.  Creativity becomes more focused or serious, as does romance. This is a fantastic time to get a business venture off the ground.

Virgo: You're building up a more solid foundation under your feet, on both an emotional, financial and physical level. Saturn helps you to get more clarity around what it is that truly makes you feel secure  - may not be it! Your inner life and your intuition will play a major role in your future choices. You realize the impact that emotions have on your physical well being.

Libra:  Communications are a big deal.  This is a fantastic time to take on a heavy writing project, a teaching gig or somehow share what you know with others. Your words carry weight now, and you could be seen as an authority on a particular subject.  Siblings can be challenging, but at the same time you get more clarity into their motivations.  It can actually bring you closer together in the end!

Scorpio:  Saturn leaving your sign can feel like a breath of fresh air!  The burden is lifted and you're transported into a brand new're a brand new YOU!  You're busy and happy at work, but at the same time you may need to put effort into making sure that you get paid what you're worth.  It's a great time to ask for a raise, but you may need to show 'em what you've got.

Sagittarius: Saturn in your sign certainly raises the bar.  You'll be taking on new responsibilities and challenges over the next 3 years. Many Saggys will take a new direction in their career, or decide what area it is that they really want to devote time and energy to. Saturn demands commitment and focus in some specific areas, which means you may have to re-prioritize. Travel is a definite possibility, and it could be work-related.

Capricorn:  You become more aware of your own inner unconscious motivations.  Fears that hold you back may become more apparent, allowing you to deal with them in a conscious way. This will be a time where you can finally slay your inner dragons. Joint enterprises can be a lucrative source of wealth.

Aquarius: You're more discerning with your criteria for 'friendship.'  Your bar is raised when it comes to friends and their support of you and you may become aware of someone who may not really be there for you.  You may have known this all along, but now its just not going to fly.  At the same time, any new friendships you make now tend to be very long-lasting.  A new love relationship is likely to have its roots in platonic friendship.

Pisces: You're moving up the ladder of success, but you're also taking on new responsibilities at the same time.  Don't let any old fears or doubts hold you back.  Roll up your sleeves, dive in and give it your best shot - Saturn always rewards real effort.  If you've been unhappy in your current situation, you may finally find your 'true calling.'

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