Saturday, 30 May 2015

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner

There have been multiple reports coming out lately saying that Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner are headed towards divorce, some of them saying it's due to his cheating. The kicker came when he was spotted up in Nova Scotia, Canada on Jennifer's birthday without wearing his wedding ring when he was supposed to be filming down in Oklahoma. Some sources say they are already secretly separated.

Their astrological charts should tell us whether this is a possibility in the near future - Uranus, the planet of separation would likely be somewhere in the mix by transit or progression for them.  Sometimes Saturn or Pluto is in there too.

I remember before Tom Cruise announced that he was divorcing Nicole Kidman, I saw that they had a strong Uranus transit hitting both of them at the same time, Uranus transits don't always mean divorce, although it frequently does, so  I was wondering how it was going to manifest for them. And then they announced it. Uranus at its most extreme. Both Tom and Nicole and Venus in Leo, and Uranus in Aquarius came up and opposed both of their Venuses (love planet) at roughly the same time.

So, what's going on with the charts of Ben and Jen

Ben and Jen both have Cancer rising, which gives them great affinity with the chart of the USA, a Cancer Sun.  Americans like them. I've also noticed that many foreign-born celebrities that found success in the US usually had strong Cancer in their chart, as that sign resonates with the American public.

Ben is extremely likeable and good-looking with his well placed Venus in Cancer right on his Asc.  Angelina Jolie has this same placement actually.

Ben is in the middle of Saturn squaring his Mars. That's the aspect of feeling thwarted. And in a man's chart this can be quite literal with Mars representing his sex drive, so if there was any cheating going on, Saturn won't let him get away with it.  Oftentimes Saturn is represented by the other committed partner, or the spouse. The timing of this aspect lends me to believe that Ben was cheating and that he got caught.

At the same time, transiting Mars is coming up to conjunct his Saturn.  Double whammy Mars Saturn.  He's not getting away with much these days.

Venus is just now going over Ben's South Node. Venus represents his love life, and the South Node is asking him to let something go. Something, habit or attitude that is no longer serving him.

Ben also has Saturn paralleling his Moon this June.  A parallel is like a conjunction, so in effect its bringing restriction, or sadness to his domestic life.

So, where's Uranus in all this?  Ben's progressed Uranus has come up to almost conjunct his Juno, the asteroid of marriage. That does not bode well.

Jennifer has wounded Chiron exactly squaring her Moon right now.  This is a painful transit where she's forced to confront and deal with some sort of painful experience that could also be triggering an event from her past. Her Moon represents not only her emotional life, but also her home life. This transit could also point to this cheating rumour being true, and that she is navigating through a very painful time in her life. The Moon is also her chart ruler, so this transiting aspect if affecting her whole life.

It's not over for her. Transiting Pluto is squaring her Chiron.  Pluto is in her 7th house of relationships, and is aspecting that wounded healer Chiron.  This aspect lasts all year for her. This aspect denotes deep pain, as well as deep healing....eventually. Someone is challenging her and she is forced to find new ways to deal with the situation.

Jennifer has Saturn opposing her love planet Venus all next year as well, which usually means some sort of sadness, loss or disappointment in one's love life.

So, let's check their wedding chart.  They were married June 29, 2005. This again stands as the birth chart of their married life together.  Uranus will come up and conjunct their wedding chart Moon, which is likely around 21 or 22 degrees of Aries. That's a huge deal-breaker.  Uranus is going to conjunct it next spring, so of they do separate now, that could be when the divorce is finalized.

They do have strong Saturn aspects between them, and Saturn cements relationships, even though it doesn't make them easy. Jen has Moon in lighthearted Gemini, and Ben has Moon in deep and intense Scorpio.  Not a good match there, since Moon signs are probably the most important aspect between people who live together. That Moon in Scorpio speaks to Ben's addiction problems.  He's a deep guy, probably deeper than people realize. Jen actually has 4 planets in Gemini - Saturn, Venus, Mars and Moon, so she's pretty optimistic and upbeat most of the time, along with her positive Aries Sun.  Jen actually has ZERO planets in water, whilst Ben has both Venus and Moon in water, making him more emotional than she is.

Jen's North Node lies in Ben's 8th house.  She's here to help him deal with his issues  -  or at least she shines the light on them which more or less pushes him in the right direction. Just by virtue of being herself, she's pushing him to confront his demons.  Ben's North Node falls in Jen's 7th house of relationships, which is a very good sign for marriage. He supports her in working out any of her issues around relationships.

They have some good aspects between them for sure, but also some very difficult ones, especially the Moon signs.  Her Moon,Venus and Mars all fall on his Saturn, which is a long-term kind of aspect, and which demands lots of patience and endurance to work through all the hard times. But also a very push and pull kind of aspect. It's a control issue here, and not a fun aspect to have between partners.

I'd say that yes, it looks like they are going through a huge traumatic event in their married life right now. Absolutely for sure. Based on that Uranus hitting their marriage moon next year, it's not looking good.