Saturday, 2 May 2015

The astrology of Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana - a bit of a rebel

                                                The BT Tower in London welcomed the news

Kate Middleton just gave birth today to a new baby girl!  Because of a recent change in the law that for centuries had put male heirs ahead of their sisters, the princess will hold her place in the line of succession.  She is now 4th in line to the throne, and bumps Uncle Harry into 5th place.

Her astrology chart is an interesting one, that's for sure.  We see themes in all the Royal natal charts - with Leo, the sign of royalty, usually being quite prominent in some way.  Princess Cambridge does not have Leo or the Sun in a super prominent position, but she does have Jupiter in Leo in her money house - she certainly should have good luck where finances are concerned throughout her life. Wherever Jupiter is situated in your chart, that's where blessings usually come quite easily.

She's a Taurus Sun, just like her Great Granny Queen Elizabeth, with a Cancer rising and a Libran Moon.  That Cancer rising gets along well with both her parents who both have Moon in Cancer, and William is also a Cancer Sun.  Diana was a Cancer Sun as well. Her Moon in Libra and Venus in Gemini make her inquisitive, curious and smart too. She'll be witty and social, and have a deep love of family and home, especially with her Moon in the 4th house.

Most of the royals have strong Saturn and/or Capricorn in their charts......this is because the Royal tradition is all about duty.  Prince George, her big brother, has got responsible Saturn in the first house, which shows duty will be all important to him.  Prince William has Saturn hitting his nodes (destiny points), Kate is super Saturn as her sign is Saturn ruled Capricorn, and she has it situated right at the top of her chart (public point) conjunct power player Pluto.  That girl is tough!  Her Sun also squares both Pluto and Saturn.  You don't mess with Kate.  Queen Elizabeth herself has Saturn positioned right at the top of her chart, just like Kate, and she is a Capricorn rising.  Prince Harry is also a Capricorn rising with Saturn at the top of his chart.

But new Princess Cambridge does not have a strong Saturn!!  In fact, she has a weak Saturn - it is retrograde, and its placed in a weak (cadent) house, the house of health, service and day-to-day work. This shows that duty and tradition are not big deals for her, although she will have a need for structured daily work, likely in the field of service. It also points to the possibility that she will not be in a position of power, which makes sense since her brother is the first in line. But still, even Prince Harry has a stronger Saturn that she does, and he's behind her in succession. This placement of a weak Saturn here does perhaps signify that she may have some health issues to deal with in her life.

We look to the 10th house of public duty, profession and reputation to see how the public will view her. She has the planet Uranus right at the top of her chart! Uranus is unpredictable, and she is likely to be seen as a bit of a maverick, going her own way, or perhaps of breaking with royal tradition in some way. That Uranus is also exactly square her Ascendant in Cancer. Double whammy Uranus- she's going to be going her own way and doing her own thing, and it may be against tradition. She could also be seen as someone ahead of her time and/or independent.  Pluto is the other big player in her chart, just as Uranus is, as both these planets create a Grand Cross in her chart, hitting her Moon and her Ascendant. This gives her an intensity, along with a powerful will and a deep wellspring of emotion. This can also make her a powerful force for change, especially considering her position in life. It can also make her a powerful healer too.

Her MC is also conjunct Chiron, the wounded healer. Either she will be known for helping to heal others in some way, or of being of service to them, or her own woundedness will be apparent to others.  Neptune is up there conjunct the MC as well - very compassionate and service oriented.

The Nodes are vitally important, as they show where one's destiny lies in one's chart, by sign and by position. The North Node shows where one is going, where one is aiming and where the Universe supports us as we strive towards this goal. The South Node is where we have already been, usually showing lessons we have already learned in a past life and what we need to let go of. The South Node can be a trap though, because its a place of familiarity for us and sometimes people tend to stay there because its easy. However, there's no joy when we stay stuck in the South Node, and the Universe keeps pushing us towards out North Node, which is where the joy and fulfillment lie.

Princess baby Cambridge has her South Node in the 10th house of public recognition, career and reputation.  Her North Node lies in the 4th house of home, hearth and family. Wow!  Her destiny does not lie in being in the public eye. She has the South Node there.  Famous astrologer Michael Lutin gave a good example of this position when I attended a seminar he gave years ago.  He said that having the South Node in the 10th house is like an actress who tries really hard to become famous, but they keep spelling her name wrong on the marquee.

Princess Cambridge is not likely to enjoy being in public eye much at all, or at least her destiny in this lifetime is to pull away from that. She has already done that in a past life. In this lifetime she's being supported to be more family oriented and deal with matters in a more private way.

Generally speaking, it looks to me like she will go against tradition and lead a life of service in a line of work that has great meaning for her, but which may be a bit controversial. For one thing her MC is in the sign of Pisces, which is very compassionate and caring. Chiron the wounded healer is prominent, showing that healing herself or others, or both will be part of her story and the public will be able to see that, even though being in the public eye is not her destiny.  It just sort of comes with the territory of being a royal, but I don't think she will be a ruler in any way. She also has career planet Saturn in her health and service house, and she has Cancer rising, which is also very sensitive.