Thursday, 6 August 2015

Jennifer Aniston Marries Justin Theroux - a chart comparison

Jennifer Aniston married Justin Theroux  Wednesday afternoon August 5th, 2015!

Let's look at these charts and then compare them and see what kind of long-term compatibility they have between them.

The third chart is bi-wheel, with Jennifer's chart in the middle, and Justin's chart on the outside. This makes it much easier to see where and how their planets aspect each other.

Jennifer has Venus and Saturn together in Aries in her 7th house. This speaks to challenges in relationships throughout her life, and in fact is one of her karmic lessons. Hers are 12 degrees apart, but I think its strong enough to say they're conjunct, so I will. I wrote a whole post about people who have this aspect. You can read it here. Typically Venus Saturn women tend to marry later in life, or have problems finding the right one. There are usually feelings about not feeling good enough, or deserving, or they feel like they need to 'earn' love.  Often these women make a career (Saturn) from their looks (Venus). Many successful models have this aspect I've found.

First off,  I notice that Justin's Moon in Aries is in Jennifer's 7th house of relationships, so right away she feels comfortable with him.  We tend to feel drawn to those people who have planets in our 7th house. His Moon in Aries is conjunct her North Node (destiny point), as well as her Venus. This is a lovely aspect to have, as she exemplifies what he is looking for emotionally.  Even more importantly, they have the number one aspect of successful marriage (according to the Magi astrologers), which is his Chiron conjunct her Venus.  This is a very strong bond, as the Chiron person, in this case Justin, feels like Jennifer is a soothing balm to his soul. Somehow he feels healed in her presence. (By the way, JLo has this aspect with Casper Smart, which may be why she feels so strongly drawn to him).

On top of that, Justin has Sun and Venus in Leo, which nicely trines her Aries planets in her 7th house. They both have Venus in fire, which shows that they share the same interests and they can get along in a harmonious way. People who have Venus' in different elements or in harsh aspect don't always have a lot in common and they often end up doing many things apart from each other.

His Sun in Leo trines her Saturn, which is a lovely aspect of commitment and longevity. Saturn is the cement that holds people together, for better or for worse, so you need to have aspects with Saturn if you want a long-term relationship.

His Jupiter on her Mars says he inspires her to move forward and to take action, whilst she helps him to to feel supported and inspires him to grow and move onward and upward.  His Mars on her Sun shows that he finds he quite sexy and desirable.

Their individual Mars' are not in harmony though, as his Mars in Aquarius squares her Mars and Neptune in Scorpio. Justin has a Sun Mars opposition natally, and it T-squares to her Mars.  That's a lot of energy to deal with, and it can be passion and excitement on one hand, but also arguments and conflicts on the other.  I bet they have some very heated arguments!  Mars square Mars can be a deal breaker in relationships when it gets activated by a heavy transit. Mars square Mars can be all about competing egos...who's gonna win? Positively they can push each other on to greater things, but negatively it can be an all out war. I'd be very watchful in 7 years when Uranus comes up to trigger their Mars square. Plus, the 7 year itch is a real thing by the way - 7 years is when Saturn in the sky squares the Saturn in the wedding chart.  Saturn squares itself every 7 years, which is why so many couples go through trauma at the 7 year mark.

Mars in Scorpio (Jennifer) is passionate and intense, and can be quite jealous and territorial, depending on the person of course. You don't mess with a Mars in Scorpio person. Mars in Scorpio need to be in control, and they don't like to be too overt about it, as Scorpio is a very secretive sign. I've seen this combination in action. They often hold back the whole truth, or will just say what they need to say to ensure the outcome they want. They are expert, expert manipulators. I know one person with this who is the most expert manipulator of people I've ever seen in my whole life. Add in Neptune, which can be quite deceptive, and you've got a double whammy for passive aggressive behaviour. This aspect can lead someone to play the victim as a means of control. As always, this completely depends on how conscious and self aware the individual is of course, but for sure there will be tendencies towards it, and more enlightened types will have learned how to channel that energy in a different way. My take is that she's not there yet. I think she has controlled the media in such a way that she is perpetually seen as 'the victim' in the whole Brangelina triangle. People forget that she started seeing Justin while he was still living with his then-girlfriend Heidi Bivens. You can read more about that here Celebitchy.

PLUS, she has has Pluto square her Moon.  Yep, another aspect speaking to issues around control and trust. Pluto Moon people don't trust you out of the gate and it takes a lot for them to let you into their circle. Pluto Moon like to control the outcomes of things, so this adds even more oomph to the control issues of her Mars in Scorpio position. Jennifer is also known for being very controlling of her image.  Justin's Pluto squares her Moon as well, making for some intense control issues between them. People with strong Pluto tend to be very charismatic and magnetic in general, which makes them winners in the Hollywood realm.

On the positive side, that Mars Neptune makes her very photogenic and glamorous, as does her Sun square Neptune. Most successful actors have strong Neptune, which allows them to blur their boundaries and actually morph into different characters.  Because of this ability/yearning to lose their boundaries, strong Neptune can also make one more disposed to escapism through drugs and alcohol, which we've seen a lot in Hollywood. Jennifer is known for loving her wine (don't we all!) as well as her pot. I wrote a post about this here
Neptune and Artistry in Hollywood

Jennifer natally has Uranus opposing her Venus. She also has Uranus rising, and she is an Aquarius, so we can safely say that she is a 'Uranian' type.  Uranian types have powerful needs for independence and autonomy. With her Venus and Saturn in the 7th house she has strong needs for a committed relationship too,  yet she fears it as well, and that independent Uranus fights it tooth and nail. Venus oppose Uranus is like a push-pull in the love department. It's hard to satisfy both sides. Justin's Uranus happens to be close to the same degree as Jennifer's Uranus, so he basically triggers that dilemma inside of her. His Uranus opposes her Venus, which is usually a very hard aspect to navigate in a relationship. It tends to be a deal breaker for most people. The best way to deal with it is to allow each other to have a lot of space. It works well if one person works out of town a lot, or if there are frequent breaks. It does not work well between people who want a quiet, cozy routine home environment.  But then again, they work in Hollywood where they go to set for months at a time. Maybe this could work for them.  Maybe.

Jennifer also has her Moon in freedom loving Sagittarius.  Are you starting to see a theme here? She has issues about freedom and space and its hard for her to be tied down, despite what she says. People say that it was Brad that left her, but when someone has freedom/commitment issues, it doesn't matter who leaves who. Often the person who has freedom issues commits to someone who they know on a deeper unconscious level is not the right one, so they know they can 'escape' at some point.

His Moon is conjunct her North Node, and her Sun is conjunct his North Node. This speaks strongly to a past life involvement, as well as a strong support for them growing together in this lifetime.

Overall I'd say they have just as many positives as they do negatives, but I do wonder how that Uranus Venus aspect is going to manifest, as well as all that harsh Mars energy. I wish then well and I'm sure we'll see how this plays out in the media.