Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Brad and Angelina divorce - the astrology

Brad Pitt and Angeline Jolie - the heat between them was impossible to ignore!  They have chemistry on and off the screen, and their charts show it.  In fact, their charts are full of hard aspects, showing that they have excitement and passion between them, but also lots of challenges.

Angie's Uranus squares Brad's Venus and Moon, so he found her very exciting!  Her Pluto squares his Mars, making for very combustible energy. His Pluto and Uranus inconjunct her Mars (double whammy Mars Pluto here), and square her Sun, making for excitement, but also for a very strong battle of wills.   Her Venus opposes his Venus, and her Mars squares his Mars, and her Sun opposes his Sun.  Yikes... this is an intense combination, (a challenging combination), which is fabulous for chemistry too, but they absolutely need a way to channel all that excitement and volatility.  Acting in movies is a rather good way to channel all that drama and need for change, and the constant traveling helps too.  Her Sun falls on his Descendant (committed relationship angle), and his Moon and Venus fall on hers, which is a very strong reason why they got together in the first place. 

We are currently in eclipse season, and we just had a potent Lunar Eclipse last Friday on the 16th at 25 Pisces, as well as a big Solar Eclipse on Sept 1 at 10 Virgo. Eclipses always bring about endings and beginnings in some way, large or small, and this is the time we often hear of big life changes. This solar eclipse really hit their charts hard, which is why Angie probably decided to file for divorce. The eclipse squared her Sun and Neptune. The eclipse in Pisces is also conjunct Neptune, and this energy tends to dissolve things as well as bring things to light.  It brought to light something in their relationship which Angie could not tolerate and so decided to end it.

TMZ reported it had to do with Brad's lifestyle choices and also the way he parented the kids.  

Angie's progressed Venus is at 4 Cancer, so her love planet got eclipsed this month. Something happened to make her think, okay, that's it. 

That solar eclipse hit Brad in his 4th house of home and family, and exactly hit his Pluto Uranus as well as his Chiron in the 4th.  It also squared his Ascendant.

Angelina also has an exact progressed Sun and Saturn conjunction right now, which means she's facing the cold hard truth of reality. If something isn't working, you're forced to face it and deal with it when Sun and Saturn come together.

Oddly enough, Brad also has his progressed Sun conjuncting his natal Saturn, so he's having the same restrictive, reality check right now. 

It's surprising for many of us, as well as quite sad, there are 6 kids involved in this. They had 12 years together though, which is actually pretty good in Hollywood years. That's probably like 30 in normal human years.  

When 2 people marry, the chart for their relationship and their married life starts the moment they say I Do.  Brad and Angelina were together for 10 years before they got married, and then they got married and it ends after 2 years?  Many astrologers say its because the marriage chart was not as good as the relationship chart.  The relationship chart is born the moment 2 people have sex, according to the Magi, although some say its the moment you first meet someone.  Either way, their relationship chart was obviously better than their marriage chart.  I don't know when they met, but their marriage chart was for Aug 23, 2013 in France.  They have a close Mars Saturn conjunction in that chart, which is quite brutal.  Anger and control and frustration issues.  There is also the Sun oppose Neptune, which could point to the alleged substance abuse issues rumoured to be part of the divorce scenario. 

PLUS, they were married at the dark of the moon.  That time just before the moon is new, when the lunar energy is at its lowest.  This is the absolute worst time to start something new, as there is no celestial oomph to carry things through.  As I progress their marriage chart, the moon has just now progressed to the sun, which signals the end of the cycle. 

If you've got a great relationship already, getting married can bring a whole new energy into the mix depending on the date you get hitched.