Sunday, 6 November 2016

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle


Apparently Prince Harry has a new girlfriend, and she is American actress Meghan Markle. Is this a for ever kind of thing, or just a for now kind of thing?

Meghan was born on Aug 4, 1981, and Harry on Sept 15, 1984.  Meghan is  Leo, with a Moon in Libra.  Actually she is more Libra than she is Leo as she has 4 planets in Libra.  Harry is a Virgo Sun, with a Moon in Taurus and a Capricorn rising,  He's a triple earth person, so quite a hands on kind of guy.  Just as most of the other royals, he has prominent Capricorn in his chart, the sign of duty and responsibility.

These two have a few good aspects between their charts. Harry's love planet Venus is in Libra, and so he likes all that Libra in Meghan.  Venus in a man's chart symbolizes their ideal woman, and here Harry is typically drawn to beautiful woman, since Libra is the sign that rules beauty and esthetics. His Venus conjuncts her Pluto, which is an aspect of passion! Very nice. His Venus also squares her Mars in Cancer, which is more combative, but at least its an aspect. 
Meghan's Venus falls in Virgo, so she activates his Sun and Mercury in Virgo and they have a love bond there. 

We often are drawn to people who have what we lack elementally, and Prince Harry has no air in his chart! Well, he has Chiron in Gemini, so one planet in air. Otherwise he is all earth, fire and water. Lacking this air element, how interesting that he is drawn to Meghan who has a lot of air - all that Libra. People without air sometimes lack perspective and can get obsessed with their own thoughts, and so Meghan can help to give him that perspective and help to lighten him up!

Prince Harry has a singleton in air, Chiron, the wounded healer. Singletons wield a lot of power in our lives, and we identify with what they represent. Here, Harry has a deep wound that even the public knows about - the tragic loss of his mother at a young age. His Chiron is opposed by sudden and separative Uranus, symbolizing the sudden shock of her death and his separation from her.  He has deeply felt her loss, and even the public has kept that story alive for him all through his life. His mother was one, if not the, most famous and beloved women in the world. We all mourned right along with him, but this is a wound that will be with him throughout his life. Often we pick partners as way to heal that wound.  

Enter Meghan.  She just happens to have her Moon, the mothering and nurturing planet, trine his Chiron.  And Harry's Moon exactly conjuncts her Chiron.  They have double Moon Chiron aspects. They are healing something in each other, something to do with mothering, or nurturing/being nurtured. They have an intuitive understanding of each other's emotional needs.  

It's interesting, as all her Libran planets fall at the very top of Harry's chart in his sector of reputation and public standing. He likely can see her standing by his side in the public eye and perhaps working with him in a partnership, much like Will and Kate. Her Saturn falls in his 10th house - her planet of duty and work and responsibility here means she lights up this part of his life.

Now the downside is usually Uranus.  Here we have her Uranus opposing his Moon. Hard Uranus aspects usually speak to lots of excitement, a rollercoaster kind of relationship, usually lots of breaks, and then an abrupt ending. Unless the couple can find a way to channel all that Uranus with other ways, but typically its hard to have a long term relationship with harsh Uranus aspects.  Then, his Uranus squares her Venus. Brutal! That is usually very exciting at the beginning, but that aspect usually wears thin at some point.

We can already see Uranus at work in their relationship as they live on different continents, and have that excitement of a long distance relationship, with many large breaks between seeing each other and dodging the paparazzi.  All very Uranian! Venus square Uranus means one of them usually starts to feel a little too hemmed in, or the other person is expecting too much from them, or there's something that makes one of them feel scared and then they run. Uranus very often represents fear. Fear of commitment, of being tied down, of losing freedom. Harry himself has strong Uranus aspects, with Uranus oppose Chiron, Uranus conjunct Mars and Uranus square Mercury. Uranus conjunct Mars makes Harry a bit of a daredevil, and he loves fun and adventure and loves to take risks.  As a Uranian kind of person, he may be drawn into a Uranian kind of relationship - one that is exciting, one that upsets the status quo, one that raises eyebrows, and one that provides him with excitement.  As I've said before, this exciting kind of relationship may not stand the test of time.  Plus, in their composite chart (their 2 charts put together to show their relationship chart), they have an exact Sun square Uranus!  Good grief. 

Meghan is a very Marsy kind if person.   Her Mars at 12 Cancer squares her Moon, her Jupiter and her Saturn. This makes her quite Aries in temperament, and quite active and adventurous and impatient too.  Her Mars also happens to exactly conjunct Harry's Descendant at 12 Cancer. The Dsc is the relationship point. Me vs you. This is very activating for Harry. She activates him and he sees and feels her Mars quite strongly.  However, in this position, this can make for strong battles of will. Mars oppose your Asc can mean you're meeting with a warrior, and with someone who will fight you and oppose what you want. It can be frustrating and intense.  Not good for a happy or harmonious relationship.  It does add to the unstable 'excitement' factor though.

Her Neptune exactly squares his Sun.  He 'solarizes' her, so he helps to put her in the spotlight, and she Neptunizes him, which makes him a little more romantic and soft. It's a square though, and Sun Neptune can be about illusion as well as glamour - about not seeing the other person as they are. There could be a pedestal placing kind of thing going on. And his Saturn exactly squares her Sun. That's not the best, as the Sun person, her, could start to feel like he is becoming too authoritarian or parental. That Saturn could also represent what she would be marrying into, which is the royal family and 'the establishment', and that comes with a whole lot of duties and obligations, which she may find troublesome as that Saturn is squaring her Sun - her identity.  Still, Saturn aspects are needed for longevity, and it may give them a bit more staying power.

I can see why they are drawn together, but with that double whammy Uranus I see problems unless it stays long distance. However, if they can channel that Uranus through doing unusual or exciting things together, or always having distance, or if one of them is away to work a lot for periods at a time, it could work.  However, she is a fire sun and an air moon, and he is an earth sun and an earth moon - quite different temperaments really.

Also, we can check progressions, as when our progressed sun or moon enter a particular sign, we tend to draw more people of that sign in to our lives.  Meghan's progressed Moon is now in Capricorn, and her progressed Sun is in Virgo, so of course she is drawn to a Virgo Sun, Capricorn rising man.  These progressions are temporary though, and things may change when her moon progresses into Aquarius.

Prince Harry's progressed Sun is in Libra, so he is drawn to a woman with a lot of Libra - Meghan. His prog Sun will move into Scorpio in 6 years though. It also shows that he may have marriage on his mind now as Libra is the sign of romance and marriage, plus his progressed Moon is in his 7th house of committed relationships.

If they do get engaged, I think things will change for them when they start to spend every day together, or when things become mundane and boring.  Uranus does not like mundane and boring, and then the Uranus will have to find another way to be expressed between them.  Maybe if they go on lots of trips together, or if he goes away to work a lot, or do exciting and different things, it could work. Uranus, and by extrapolation Aquarius, is usually involved in doing good works. This comes out in the extensive charity work that both Harry and Meghan are involved in. I would bet that this would be their best way to channel all that Uranian energy - by doing humanitarian efforts together. I also hear a lot of people say how progressive they are as a couple - very Uranian! They will definitely help to bring the monarchy into the present century, since that is what Uranus does best. Uranus does not do stodgy, dull or traditional - that's for sure.  I guess we'll see what happens.  They sure are a cute couple though.