Monday, 13 February 2017

Bruno Mars - a legend in the making


Did you guys see Bruno Mars play the Prince tribute at the Grammys last night?  Holy smokers - the guy is amazing! I always thought he was talented, but I saw him in a whole new way last night. This man has charisma galore, plus he is uber talented, and super sexy to boot. I don't think anyone could've pulled off that tribute to Prince quite like he did. Of course I had to do an analysis of his chart.

I suggest you watch an excerpt of his performance here first.  It's quite something. He channeled Prince perfectly.  Watch Bruno Mars' Prince tribute here

Bruno is a Libra Sun, and he has those telltale dimples that so many Libran natives have.  His chart is chock full of power and charisma!

 In an interview on a British show Adele was asked who she thought the greatest singer in the world was. She said Bruno Mars. They collaborated on one of the songs in her album. She said he could sing notes she could not. Now that is saying something!  He runs in the big leagues now, but I think he's going to be known as one of the greats.

Right off the bat let's check out that Mars and Venus conjunction!  That aspect right there gives one charisma and sex appeal. Many celebrities have the conjunction - off the top of my head I can think of Sandra Bullock who has it in Gemini, Keanu Reeves has it in Cancer, Jennifer Garner in Gemini, Bruce Lee had it in Scorpio. It's not an uncommon aspect, but people do respond to it. It's sexy. Bruno has his Venus and Mars in the sign of Virgo, which makes him a craftsman of sorts. He's s brilliant songwriter, so he crafts words and lyrics, and he's obviously a great musician as you can see with his guitar playing - Virgo excels in using their hands as well, especially when it comes to being meticulous as guitar playing is. Virgo likes to master skill sets. He is a dancer, choreographer, record producer, multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter. Wow.

That Venus and Mars squares Uranus right on his MC. Pow!  He gets noticed for his Virgo expertise and for his sex appeal too.  The Midheaven denotes ones reputation and is how the public sees you. With Uranus there he gets noticed. Uranus electrifies and gets people's attention. It usually also denotes someone who goes against convention, which he kinda has.

He has Moon in Leo - the sign of the entertainer, and he certainly is. He loves being on stage - you can tell right away. He owns it. That Leo moon is in the 6th house of the worker. This adds even more oomph to his Virgo conjunction.  Moon here will hone his skills and his craft to become an expert in his field. This man works hard to be as good as he is.

That Leo moon squares powerful Pluto!  Pluto gives him sex appeal, charisma, confidence and power!!  That was the first thing I thought when I saw him last night. He completely and utterly owned his performance, which was not easy since he had a lot to live up to to with a tribute to Prince. He has swagger even -  a confidence born of knowing that 'he's got this', and loving it. That Moon square Pluto shows he has deep and intense emotions, and he has obviously been smart enough to channel them into his work.

He also has Sun in the 8th house - another Scorpio-esque signature. Again, this gives him charisma and sex appeal, and shows he's not comfortable living life on the surface. He's likely a deep and intense person and will go through transformations in his lifetime.

That Pluto is also trining his Pisces Asc, adding more Pluto power to his chart.  His Pisces rising is pretty obvious with those eyes. You can always tell Pisces risings by their eyes - they have bedroom eyes. Antonio Banderas is a good example - big limpid pools.

                                                                      Antonio Banderas

Bruno Mars has that same look - huge eyes with a soft look.  Except he also can channel that Pluto through his Asc as well so he also has a sexy and smouldering look.

Pisces rising is a mutable sign, which makes him versatile and adaptable, which we have seen.

I'd say Scorpio is a very strong signature in his chart, which is what makes him so magnetic. Sun in the 8th, Pluto trine Asc, Pluto square Moon, Pluto square Jupiter, South node in Scorpio, Saturn in Scorpio. He's a Plutonian all right, which along with that Virgo makes him a tireless worker. He probably always strives for perfection, he's extremely skilled at what he does, and it gives him a powerful persona and presence.

Transits - so what's coming up for Bruno?  He has had heavy Saturn in his 10th house of career and reputation this past two years, and he has really come into the spotlight since. Saturn is like that - he rewards you for hard work, and when Saturn is in the 10th it can be a time of reaching new heights. Bruno performed at the Super Bowl last year, and this year he's getting even more acclaim - especially since this performance if you read the internet.

He has lucky Jupiter going back and forth over his Libran Sun this year, which is a time of good fortune, growth and moving forward.

As I look at his Progressed chart, I see that he is just entering a progressed Balsamic phase! This is most interesting. Progressed lunar phases are the most reliable indicator of changing life cycles. He has been in one cycle for the last 27 years or so, and will begin a new one in 2020.  He is just entering the balsamic phase, which is one where we start to let go of one phase of life and prepare to start a new one. Donald Trump is a good example - he has transitioned from businessman to politician, and he is still in his balsamic phase.

For sure, when Bruno enters his New Moon phase in April of 2020, he will be changing things up somehow. The progressed New Moon will be in the sign of Scorpio too - intense and deep.  Who knows, he may still be a performer but perhaps he will be using it in a different way. There will be a new focus or a new purpose to his life. His whole life up to this point has been one progressed lunar cycle, and a whole new one begins in 3 years.

What about his love life? He's been living with his girlfriend Jessica for a few years.  He has his Venus Mars conjunction in his 7th house of relationships, so there is a lot of energy put forth in that area. They both square Uranus though, so the love of excitement and the freedom/closeness dilemma are probably issues he has had to grapple with. Venus and Mars square Uranus is very high energy and has a hard time settling down. He is a self proclaimed sex machine he said in an interview once, and that he likes to live in the fast lane.  Yep - all that sexy Pluto and high energy Uranus!  He's intense and passionate too, with the Moon square Pluto. Thank goodness - because we get the benefit of all that passion in his performances!

I can't wait to see what he has up his sleeve in the next few years!