Saturday, 11 February 2017

Saturn in the 5th - knitting palooza

I know, I haven't written a blog post for a while, but that's because I've been knitting!  I taught myself how to knit last fall and have done quite a bit.  I think I knit about 35 scarves since, to donate and as presents, and now am moving on to doing a blanket. I found this amazing, soft and snuggly yarn called Bernat blanket yarn, and its soooooo soft. Addicting really.  If you're a sensitive skinned person then you'll love how soft it is. Knitting is very calming, and I've learned that it helps to keep the brain integrated - right side with left side. Always a plus. It really helps with anxiety too. The more intricate the pattern, the better. 

Here's some images of the scarves - all done with soft Bernat blanket yarn, and mixed with other yarn as well.

So, I've now figured out how to use circular needles, after a lot of trial and error, have found a pair that will allow the blanket yarn to slide properly.

For this blanket, I'm using Bernat Vintage White, as well as Bernat Little Sandcastles, which is a lovely blend of taupe, grey and winter white. Lovely.

This is what Little Sandcastles looks like in the real world. This is crocheted though. Pretty right? I'll post a pic when mine is all completed.

So what astrological signatures brought on this knitting frenzy.  Well, the 5th house holds dominion over creativity in general, and I currently have Saturn sitting in there. I've tried to knit my whole life, but just never had the patience for it.  Well, Saturn came along and helped me to stick with it and put in the effort. It happened when Saturn transited my Sun, Asc, Moon and my Mars. Still is.  Also, my progressed moon just conjuncted my natal moon in Cancer in the 12th house, which can be very crafty and homey, and in then 12th house its also a good therapy too.   They say Moon Saturn is an aspect most commonly associated with knitting, and yes, Saturn came along and inconjuncted my Moon.

The 6th house is also associated with knitting, as it is associated with Virgo, and I would think that avid knitters would have some Virgo in their chart or 6th house planets. I do not, which may be why its been such a struggle for me. Virgo types excel with the fine details of things. My mom had Moon in the 6th house and she loved crosswords and jigsaw puzzles and sudoku and puzzles of all kinds. She was a knitter as well.

I am finding that crocheting looks rather inviting, so after this blanket, I think I will learn how to crochet.  Crocheted blankets look quite amazing!!  I wonder if I will continue on with this after my Saturn transit passes. I hope so! It's quite fun once you get into the rhythm of it.