Sunday, 12 February 2017

Valentine's Day - looking good!

This Valentine's Day, Tues Feb 14th is looking pretty good as far as love and lust and romance go.

First of all, the Moon is in the romantic sign of Libra.  The sign of the transiting Moon shows the mood of people in general, and this shows that romance, love, and relationships are highlighted. People feel more inclined to socialize and to make that effort to show their affection.

We just had an intense full moon on Friday, so the moon is just slightly past this phase and she still has a lot of light and energy.  People's libidos are at their highest during the full moon phase, so now energy is still high and we need less sleep as well. We are more inclined to fully engage with the world around the full moon phase.

Love planet Venus and lust planet Mars are both in the direct sign of Aries. Venus is all about sensuality and how we like to relate and to love. Mars is more pure desire. In Aries, Venus relates by going after what she wants! Typically Venus attracts, but in Aries she isn't waiting around. Mars is forthright anyway, and in Aries, his home sign, he is perfectly comfortable going directly after what he wants. This is a bold signature, and rather impulsive as well. People will likely be more inclined to come out of the woodwork and declare their feelings, and there could be a large number of engagements too.

The Moon is going to oppose impulsive Uranus and square powerful Pluto later in the evening, and this adds an element of surprise to the whole thing. Like I said, some people might receive a surprise proposal.

I'll tell you a quick story. I was dating a guy in the early 1990s. We were living together actually, and I ended up breaking up with him on Valentine's Day. It wasn't planned - things just came to a head that day.  I have my natal Uranus at 26 Leo, so every year on Feb 14th the Sun is at 26 Aquarius and it opposes my natal Uranus. It stands to reason unexpected things happen around that date. Anyway, we stayed friends, and every single year after that would call me on Feb 14th to say 'happy anniversary! I always thought it was pretty funny, cause he's a funny guy and he did it for a laugh. I'm sure even this year, 25 years later, he will still call and say that. Some things just never change.

The asteroid Eros also happens to be at 21 Aries right now- smack dab on transiting Uranus! Eros is the asteroid of erotic love. Eros is all about desire and passion, and conjunct Uranus, here again we have an added energy of impulsiveness, as well as excitement and high energy. This should certainly be a good night for passion!