Monday, 11 July 2016

Weekly Horoscope July 18 - 24

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Thursday, 30 June 2016

July 2016 Horoscope

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Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Mars direct June 29, 2016

Action planet Mars went retrograde in Scorpio on April 18th, and will finally move forward on June 29th!  It's been a long haul having this guy retrograde for 2.5 months. We've actually had quite a number of planets retrograde in the sky at the same time. In May we had Pluto, Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury and Mars all retrograde together. It's a wonder anyone got anything done at all!  Mercury and Mars retro would be the most problematic, as they as the most personal of the planets.  Jupiter and Mercury have now gone direct, so it's really Mars and then Saturn that we are waiting for.

For most people, including myself, it has felt like we've been 'on hold', or waiting for something to come together, to manifest, or to work itself out.  Mars is the planet of action and assertion, and so when he's retrograde we are forced to turn inward more and the outward action gets put on hold. Now, of course we get things done, but it seems like there's something that is still in the background that is causing us concern that we are forced to wait for.  Forced patience. There is nothing we can do to hurry things along so we are left with dealing with our emotions about it.  Often there is something emotional that comes up that we need to deal with - perhaps connected with the past.

For me its been extremely difficult, to say the least. Lots of intensity and anxiety connected to grief has come up since my Mom passed away in January, as well as some physical issues as well, and then I've been dealing with selling my childhood home.  Mercury retro and Mars retrograde wreaked havoc on the probate process, so what should've been a relatively simple process took over 4 months. My lawyer was just shaking his head, saying he was embarrassed at how difficult this all turned out to be.  I knew though  - it was all the planets being retrograde.  Plus we had a few Void Moons to deal with.  Trust me - never apply for probate when Mercury is retrograde AND the Moon is void! Still, I had Mom and Dad helping out a lot from the other side, so it all worked out in the end.  The house is sold - and now I just have to say goodbye to it, which will happen right after Mars moves direct.  Right on schedule.

One of my Scorpio rising friends has had quite a rough time these last two months as well.  She was evicted and lost her job at the same time.  So its been stressful trying to find work AND a place to live.  She did find both though, and she will be moving in July 1st - right as Mars moves direct.

My best friend is a Scorpio rising, and so Mars retrograde is in her first house.  Her Mom had to be taken to emergency with fluid in her lungs and heart about 2 months ago! She thought she was losing her, and so experienced some intense anxiety attacks, which she is still having. Her mom has since recovered beautifully, but it made my friend much more conscious about her relationship with her mom, and brought them even closer. Her mom just bought the house right across the street from my friend, and everyone is really happy to be so close.  I'm sure as Mars moves forward, and then Saturn, her anxiety will lessen.

Mars moving forward on June 29th will give a lot of people some peace as things can finally move forward and pending matters can be resolved.  People who are Mars ruled may find its been especially difficult - the Scorpios and Aries Sun signs like myself, as well as Scorpio and Aries rising people as well.  It also depends on what house Mars has been retrograding through.  For me it was my 4th house - home and family.

Saturn went retrograde on March 26th, and goes direct on August 18th.  That's the last of the big players moving forward, so if things don't come together in July, they should in August after Saturn moves forward.

Saturday, 28 May 2016

Johnny Depp - is he really that volatile?

We just heard the news that Amber Heard is suing Johnny Depp for divorce, and said he has been abusing her for 4 years!

Johnny Depp is certainly a classic introvert, as you can see on talk shows. Very soft spoken and doesn't say too much.  He seems uncomfortable talking about himself. He comes alive when acting though, or taking on the persona of other people. He's certainly a very gifted actor.  But what about these allegations of physical abuse?

We'd have to check his astrological chart to see if he has this kind of signature. We'd look for harsh aspects between Mars, Uranus and Pluto for sure.

Johnny Depp was born on June 9, 1963 and he is a Leo Rising.

Johnny has a triple of conjunction of Mars, Uranus and Pluto in Virgo!  Yep, that can symbolize volatility if its not channeled properly. Mars is the planet of anger and assertion, and when it conjoins volcanic Pluto it can indicate someone with intense rage issues.  Mars also conjoins unpredictable Uranus, which adds another level of fear and instability to the mix.

This is incredibly intense energy to have to deal with and to channel. It can provide one with an enormous wellspring of physical energy on a positive level, or it can take you down on other levels.

Mars Pluto indicates someone with a very high sex drive and intense desires, as Pluto can be rather compulsive at times, which could account for his substance abuse issues.  Mars Uranus likes to take risks and may not be the best when it comes to discipline.  It also shows great courage too.

This is the main configuration in his chart and shows as his main challenge and lesson in this lifetime. Its all about channelling this intensity in some kind of positive way, because if you don't it will take you down. There is no way around it.

Sunday, 8 May 2016

Mars Retrograde until June 29, 2016

Right now Mars is retrograde at about 5 degrees of Sagittarius, and will continue to retrograde back through Scorpio too until he turns direct on June 29th at 23 Scorpio. When a planet goes retrograde, it comes much closer to the earth than normal.   When its this close to the earth, its effects are much stronger and more intense as well.  We're all feeling more Marsy.

Some people say a planet is weaker when its retrograde.  Actually, it's stronger because of its proximity to the earth, and its characteristics are emphasized. You can actually see Mars in the night sky - its quite bright. Mars, during this phase, rises right after the Sun sets, so you can see it all night. Its like a faint red star right overhead at midnight.

Mars is the God of War.   Mars rules all things related to anger, conflict, aggression, belligerence, explosions, fires, cuts and military action. Not just heat, but extremes of heat.  People act out at these times.  Mars also rules sex, passion, how you go after what you want, and gives you energy and drive.

This can also play out as being more focused and driven in one certain area.   The Mars ruled signs of Aries and Scorpio may be feeling it the most, or if Mars is retrograding on to a planet or an angle in your chart you're really going to feel it too, but everyone will feel it to some extent or another.

So, all these Mars ruled areas are intensified right now.  We can see it on a larger scale with the huge wildfire running rampant up in Fort McMurray here in Canada. It's been the biggest fire the province has ever seen, and its expected to double in size shortly, and about to run into Saskatchewan.  The entire town of Fort McMurray has been evacuated with most people losing their homes. Its been devastating for so many.

I remember the last time we had a Mars retrograde 2 years ago, we also had larger than usual wildfires here in the interior of British Columbia and it was causing huge concern. And now too there are so many reports of house fires and industry fires on the news these last few weeks. It seems like its almost daily.

Positively, you'll accompish a lot if you can harness this energy,   You know that cupboard that you have that's a complete disaster - the one where you can't see anything cause everything is all crammed in together and things fall out whenever you open the door?   And its been that way for years and all you do is just cuss at it?  Yep, I finally dealt with that cupboard the last time Mars was retrograde.  This time around its more emotional. Since my Mom passed away a few months ago I've been having a tough time, so this retrograde through Scorpio should help me get at some deep healing.

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Could Donald Trump actually become President? - the astrology of The Donald

When it comes to tracking big life changes, I like to look at the Progressed Lunar Phases of a chart. Just like we have a New Moon, a First Quarter, a Full Moon a Third Quarter and a Balsamic lunar phase over our heads in the sky every month, we also have our own Personal Progressed Lunar phases, from New Moons through Full Moons and back to New again. 

The entire progressed lunar cycle takes about 30 years, so every 30 years we have a brand new beginning in our life when we come into our Progressed New Moon phase. It can get kind of technical, so I'll just say that it depends on what phase of the Moon you were born under, and then we progress the Moon through time to the age you are at now, and then see what angle it is to the Sun.

So where is Donald Trump in his progressed lunar phases?  Is he at the beginning of a new phase or at the end?

In April of 2016, Donald Trump enters his Balsamic Phase.  This is the very end of his 30 year progressed lunar phase cycle, and the Balsamic phase itself lasts about 3.5 years. Something is coming to an end for him this year and next, and he's letting certain things go in order to move into a brand new 30 year cycle which starts in Sept of 2019!

If the Donald were to become President of the US, he would be in a progressed balsamic phase when he took oath of office in Jan of 2017.  Balsamic phases are about letting go to make room for the new, which is exactly what he is doing.  Balsamic phases are times of transition. Some people already know what their 'new moon' cycle is going to be about in the Balsamic phase, and they are preparing for it. It's a bridge from an old way of life, an old cycle, to a new way of life and a new cycle. Donald will enter his New Moon phase, which is a whole new 30 year cycle, in 2019, which is when he would be in office if he won.  It actually does make sense.  Usually the Balsamic phase is about letting go, but in a sense he is letting go of an old persona of a businessman, and now becoming a politician and a leader.  It is quite a shift,which is exactly what one would expect when one shifts from balsamic phase to new moon phase.  There is always a huge shift in focus. Now, in a perfect world I would think that he would already be in a New Moon phase when he took office if he won, but astrology doesn't always work so perfectly.  Still, it does show that if he won he would be taking office 18 months before his actual New Moon phase kicked in.  Which is pretty darn close.

Unfortunately, it looks like he could indeed become President based on the progressed lunar cycle.

So, lets look at his actual progressed lunar cycle chart. His progressed New Moon chart has Saturn and Pluto conjunct his MC.  This is a chart of a very powerful man wielding a lot of authority.  Which is another indication that it could indeed be a possibility.

From what I've been reading, a lot of Bernie Sander's supports are vowing to not vote if Bernie is not elected as the Democatic nominee.  Which means a lot of Democrats would not be voting, which creates a perfect storm for someone like Donald Trump to win - simply because not enough people are out voting.

What happens to his chart on voting day, Nov 8, 2016 ?  His progressed Uranus opposes his natal Moon almost exactly. Uranus is sudden happenings, shock and sometimes separation. I think even Donald Trump would be shocked if he won!  Plus it also can mean a change of home base, and he would be moving to the White House if he won.  We would also need to see transiting Saturn hitting his chart in a significant way if he were to win, as Saturn is about authority and work, and yep, Saturn is coming up to conjunct his Moon and oppose his Sun.  In fact, Saturn will be on his Moon and opposing his Sun on January 20th of 2017 when the new President is sworn on.  Ruh roh.

Its not looking good people. I'd say that there is indeed a very good chance that he could win, astrologically speaking.  I still count on the hearts and minds of the American people to focus on love instead of hate, and for all the people to come out and vote, which will make a huge difference in the outcome.

Lada Ray also calls for the Republicans to win. She is an amazing geopolitical analyst but with a metaphysical bent. She tends to be right on most things that she talks about.  Here's the link to her site
Lada Ray

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Gardening by the Moon

It's that time of year again - time to start thinking about planting our gardens. Planting according to the cycles of the Moon helps to ensure our flowers are full and gorgeous and our gardens are healthy and abundant.

The energy for growth begins with the New Moon, increases as we go through the Crescent and First Quarter Moon, and then peaks at the Full Moon.   The actual day of the New Moon is still dark - there is no light yet, so its best to wait a couple of days before you start planting.

The basic rule of thumb is - start planting crops, flowers and vegetables that bear fruit above the ground a few days after the New Moon and right up until the Full Moon to get the healthiest vegetables, the biggest and most colourful flowers and the juiciest fruit. The days from the Full Moon to the next New Moon - when the Moon is decreasing in light- is best to plant bulbs or vegetables that bear fruit under the ground.   It's also best to do weeding when the Moon is decreasing in light. It's also a great time to mow the lawn so it grows more slowly - not to mention your own hair if you like to go long times between haircuts!

For a little extra growing oomph, try to plant under the most fertile signs of the Moon, which are Taurus and Cancer, and then also the other water signs and earth signs (Virgo not as much).

The planting season typically starts with the New Moon in fertile Taurus which falls on Friday May 5th this year,, and the two weeks following it are the best time to plant. 

So, from May 5th through to the days just past the Full moon on May 21st are the most fertile planting days of the season.

As I said before, you don't want to plant right on a New Moon, as there is still not enough light yet. You need to wait at least a couple of days to get the most growing oomph.  I would start on May 9th and 10th when the Moon is in fertile Cancer, and there is more light and growing energy from the Moon. 

Water signs and earth signs are the most fertile signs of the moon, Air signs such as Libra are not the most fertile signs, but it is the sign that rules beauty!  It can be a good time to plant flowers when you want big gorgeous blossoms, or for plants that you want to be extraordinarily beautiful. The Moon is in Libra on May 16th and 17th.

You've got right from May 5th through to May 21st to plant, when the Moon's light comes to its peak at the Full Moon.  The few days surrounding the Full Moon are okay too,  but once it starts to wane and lose its light after it peaks at the Full Moon, then there's no more energy for the plants to bear juicy fruit or grow big flowers or be hearty and strong.  May 22nd and 23rd are fine too as the Moon is still in its Full Moon phase.

Some astrologers say that the few days just before the Full Moon are the best, since this is when the Moon has its most light, and this is when there is more groundwater available for the plants to use and to grow.   I've done it, and the plants do very well, but I also like to plant on the most fertile days as well when the Moon is in an earth sign or a water sign.  May 19th and 20th are both good as they surround the Full Moon and are in the fertile water sign of Scorpio.

Here are pics of flowers I planted last spring on my balcony, about a week after the New Moon in Taurus.

Happy Planting!

Monday, 15 February 2016

Lada Ray's predictions for the Year of the Fire Monkey

I love Lada Ray.  Her predictions in the past have always turned out to be pretty good so lets see what she has to say about the Year of the Monkey.

"Year of the Monkey is always the 9th year of the 12-year cycle. The next Year of the Monkey will be in 2028. Each year of the Monkey is different, depending on the element of the Heavenly Stem. Therefore, this is the Year of the Fire, or Red, Monkey. Such year is only repeated once every 60 years.
“Lada’s global prognosis for 2016…: First two-thirds of the year will be volatile and confrontational. Clashes and uneasy situation will continue throughout the world. There is a good chance that a more peaceful approach to international conflict resolution will prevail in the last third of the year, most likely starting in October 2016.
“2016 will be a sickly year for many people as the Illness Star is now in the center, its energy affecting all. Be careful not to get a flu, protect yourself by eating healthy, boost your energy via healthy supplements, and make sure you get enough rest this year"
Monkey in the Chinese Zodiac 
Monkey people are considered sociable, quick, intellectual fast studies, and mischievous tricksters who love practical jokes. They can be quite lucky with money and good as entrepreneurs. They are adaptable and can work in a range of professions. At least, that’s what conventional wisdom tells us. ;)
  • Strengths: sociable, innovative, enthusiastic, self-assured
  • Weaknesses: suspicious, cunning, selfish, arrogant, jealous
Fire Monkey: Fire creates passion, but can also produce irritation. Passion, quick wit and irritability are common to fire monkeys, and it will be common for this year in general.

What is Chinese New Year all about?

The Feng Shui new year is derived from the solar calendar and it always changes over February 4th-5th. This date denotes the Annual Flying Star energy change.

Meanwhile, Chinese New Year, also known as the Spring Festival, is marked by the combined lunisolar Chinese calendar, so the date changes from year to year. The New Year usually begins in the end of January or in the beginning to mid-February, depending on when the new moon falls. There are 15 days of festivities, starting on New Year’s Eve. The culmination is the Lantern Festival, which takes place on the 15th day of the new year.
The Chinese symbol for monkeyThe Chinese symbol for monkey
Each Chinese New Year is characterised by one of 12 animals of the Chinese zodiac. The Chinese zodiac wheel is a little like the Western astrological Zodiac, except each Chinese animal marks a year, instead of a month.
Feng Shui and the Chinese philosophy significance:
Apart from the fact that in Chinese zodiac each animal marks a year vs. Western zodiac, where each astrological sign marks a calendar month, there are other major differences. The Chinese zodiac also corresponds with the wheel of 8 cardinal and intercardinal subdirections of the compass. In addition, each of the 12 animals corresponds to one of the Five Elements. This energetic correspondence is registered each year twice (called Earthly Branch and Heavenly Stem) within the 60 year cycle of 12 animals multiplied by 5 elements.
Each animal of the zodiac also has a correspondence to a specific Aspiration in the Eight Mansions (Lada Ray’s term: Eight Aspirations) system, as well as in the Chinese Numerology.
Year of the Monkey is always the 9th year of the 12-year cycle. The next Year of the Monkey will be in 2028. Each year of the Monkey is different, depending on the element of the Heavenly Stem. Therefore, this is the Year of the Fire, or Red, Monkey. Such year is only repeated once every 60 years.Those who turn exactly 60 years of age between February 2016 and January 2017 are Fire Monkeys and they experience a full cycle return this year

Monday, 18 January 2016

Jupiter conjunct North Node - lots of people leaving the planet

First Natalie Cole, then David Bowie, then Alan Rickman, then Celine Dion's husband Rene Angelil, then Glenn Fry from the Eagles passed away today too. There were a few others as well, and some were just so shocking.  My own dear mom passed away just a few days ago as well. She was my heart, my best friend and my ally.  I'm still in shock, and it helps to hear how deeply she was loved by her many friends who have called.

Jupiter has been conjuncting the North Node in the sky for the past couple of weeks. Jupiter is usually present when someone makes their transition from body to spirit, as Jupiter is all about moving onward and upward and into the great beyond. In earthly life this comes out as travel and education and opportunity to move beyond our backyard boundaries. The North Node is really just a mathematical point in the sky, but it has great significance. It represents your destiny, and what you came into this life to accomplish. Jupiter and the Node together show many people have fulfilled their destiny, or have done what they were here to do and were ready to move upward and onward.
It's sort of like a door of opportunity opened for people who were getting ready to leave, and many took it.  I'm happy my mom is with my Dad now and peaceful and happy in spirit form. I expect to receive some signs and messages from her soon, but I'm sure she's pooped from making the transition and getting accustomed to her new dimension.

The total blood moon eclipse we had last October was a doozy. It was incredibly strong, and eclipses usually indicate some sort of big transition for people who have aspects to it in their chart.  Usually within 6 months, although it was so powerful its effects could go on for a long time.  The eclipse was at 4 Aries, and it hit my Mom's Sun.

It's so sad for those of us who miss our loved ones as they transition onward, but I'm so proud of my mom for her strength and her courage and I'm happy she did it all her way.  I love you Mom.

Wednesday, 13 January 2016

The Astrology of Beauty

What are the aspects that make someone unusually beautiful?  Inner beauty always shines through of course, but I'm talking about those people that have classically beautiful looks. John F. Kennedy Jr is one amazing example. Gorgeous. People like Elvis Presley, Robert Redford and Sharon Stone are all extremely gorgeous people. Remember Sharon Stone when she was in Total Recall? I remember thinking she was one of the most beautiful women I had ever seen.

So, what are the astrological indicators of people that are seen as unusally physically beautiful?  It seems that Capricorn, Virgo, Pisces, strong Venus and Neptune are the most usual indicators of unusual beauty and being photogenic as well.

I've noticed that people with Capricorn rising are often very good looking. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, which gives great bone structure usually. John John Kennedy was a Capricorn rising.  Elvis Presley was a Capricorn Sun too actually. My girlfriend who is a double Capricorn is extremely beautiful.

I've also noticed that many models are Virgo or Virgo rising. Again with the earth signs. It gives a more streamlined appearance in many cases (not all) and Virgo rising people sometimes have a very neat looking appearance. They're just well put together.

Venus is the planet that rules beauty, and those with prominent Venus placements tend to be seen as beautiful. Angelina Jolie has Venus in Cancer right on her Ascendant, and she is definitely quite beautiful.

For true ethereal beauty though, Neptune wins hands down! Neptune gives one a sort of a glamour, or other worldly kind of beauty.  Pisceans are co-ruled by Neptune, so you see a lot of very beautiful and photogenic Pisces types.  Cindy Crawford has 6 planets in Pisces, and has a Cancer Rising. Neptune in Scorpio is trine her Cancer Asc, and all her Piscean planets are trine her Asc. She also has Venus aspecting her Asc as well.  Very watery gal, and very beautiful.

Sharon Stone is a Pisces Sun, with a Virgo rising, and she has Neptune aspecting her Asc. She's got all 3 things going for her. Plus, she also has Pluto right on her Virgo Asc, giving her an extra dose of sex appeal.

Robert Redford is a Virgo Sun with 4 planets in Virgo, plus he is a Pisces Rising. He has Neptune conjunct all his Virgo planets too, making him even more Neptunian. Could be why he is so successful in the movies, since Neptune rules movies and photography in general. It makes one very photogenic.

John Kennedy Jr was a Capricorn Sun with 3 planets in Capricorn, and a Virgo rising. His Venus, beauty planet, was in Capricorn trine his Virgo Ascendant.  He also had Neptune sextile his Asc. Hr had all the factors of unusual beauty in his chart - Capricorn, Neptune, Virgo and Venus.

Elvis Presely was a Capricorn Sun with 3 planets in Capricorn. His beauty planet Venus was in Capricorn too, conjunct his Sun. He also had Neptune in Virgo trine his Capricorn planets.

What about someone more present day, like Brad Pitt.  Brad Pitt has 4 planets in Capricorn, including his Venus, and Neptune is aspecting all of them.

Thursday, 31 December 2015

Your 2016 Yearly Horoscope

                                 My 2016 Yearly Horoscopes are up.  Click HERE to get yours!

Wednesday, 30 December 2015

How to find your Personal Year Number for 2016


The 2016 Year Number

To get what the energy of 2016 is going to be all about, you simply add the numbers together to get a total.   2 + 0 + 1 + 6 = 9.

2016 is an 9 number, which is the last number in the cycle and represents completions. This could be very positive completions, in that you finally fulfill that long awaited dream or goal.  In some cases you may finally let go of a person, habit, circumstance or thing that is no longer needed in your life. Because this is a highly spiritual number, you may be attracted to people who have qualities you admire in a spiritual or higher sense. You may decide to pursue your career in a new way, such as teaching it instead of practicing it. It's also about forgiveness, as 9 is also the most spiritual number in the cycle. There should be a big interest in spiritual topics this year in a general sense. 9 is also the number of compassion, and of being a humanitarian.  Think back to 2007 - that was a universal 9 year as well. Something ended or came to fruition or you made a choice in that year that impacted the next 9 years.  I actually ended a relationship that year.

This 9 year  is the general number for the year for everyone, but each person will also have their own Personal Number for the year 2016, and this will be calculated by their birthdate.

An amazing healer and biokinesiologist friend I have gave me a wonderful visualization for not just the New Year, but for any time. Give yourself a colour, any colour you like. Let's say its pink. Then you visualize that pink colour going out on your path in front of you for the next year. And on the path you see love, and peace, and joy, and abundance and prosperity and calm and passion and all the things that you want in your life for the coming year. What she has found in her professional practice, is that people who do that end up with amazing eyesight! She found that people who are afraid of what the future holds can only look a few months ahead, and their eyes are not as healthy as a result. It's like they are afraid to 'look' too far down the road. This exercise makes them feel great about their future, which in turns makes them happy to look that far ahead, which in turn enhances their eyesight.  I've been doing it myself, and it makes me feel so much calmer about the future, and now I know its helping my eyesight too.

Your Personal Year Number

It's easy to find your Personal Year Number.  You take the day and the month you were born, and add it to the number of the current year - in this case its 9.   So, for example if you were born on June 9th,

   6  (birth month)
+ 9  (birth day)
+ 9  (current year)
 = 24

You would reduce that 24 to a single digit, so 2 + 4 = 6.
This person is in a 6 Personal Year.

Another example:  If you were born on November 27, you would take 11 (the 11th month), and add it to 27, and then add that to the year number of 9.

   11  (birth month)
+ 27 (birth day)
+ 9   (current year)
= 47

Then reduce it to a single digit, so 4 + 7 = 11.  Then reduce it again 1 + 1 = 2.
This person is in a 2 Personal Year.

If you get the number 11 or 22, these are considered to be Master Numbers, and these years are considered special.

Personal Year 1 -  the year of new beginnings!  This is the start of a whole new cycle, and you'll be laying the groundwork for the next 9 years ahead. It's an excellent time to get involved in a new love relationship, or to experience a renewal of your current one.  Some may take a second honeymoon. It's a year of major changes, job improvements and independence. Travel can provide a way to enjoy life in a new way.

Personal Year 2 - the year of companionship, harmony and teamwork.  The number 2 relates to the Moon, and so is a year of more patience, tact, cooperation and understanding.  It's a more gentle and artistic year. The Moon is also changeable, so there may be a change of residence under this yearly number, or even a change in your workplace. This is the year when people tend to form relationships of all kinds, including friendships and love relationships. They don't want to go it alone. You're going to feel more nurturing and emotional under this influence.  There may be trips across the water.

Personal Year 3 - the year of communications, expansion, mental energy and short journeys. You're busy this year, and you may be doing more writing or talking, or using more of your creative skills.  This is the year for having more fun in your love relationships - for flirting and for socializing.  You could become quite the social butterfly, or at least lean more that way than usual.  This isn't really the year to make serious commitments in your love life. Trips tend to be on the shorter side, or you may take a lot of road trips or weekend getaways.

Personal Year 4 - the year of security and of laying down foundations.  This is another Saturn year, so getting ahead professionally is important to you, except this is a more of a 'roll up your sleeves and get to work' kind of year. You're laying the groundwork for your future and getting organized. You're likely taking on extra responsibilities this year, whether at work or with aging parents or perhaps signing a mortgage etc.. Love relationships may begin with someone older or with someone who has authority or power. Travel tends to be more work related.

Personal Year 5 - the year of change, travel and expansion. You're looking for more freedom and fun this year.  It's actually an amazing year for love and romance and you'll likely have plenty of opportunity that way if you're single and looking. If you're already involved you're going to want to do more travel with your partner or experience new things together.  In some cases people will break up under this influence if things aren't going well. It's a great cycle for making changes in your job and for pursuing your ideas.

Personal Year 6 - a year focused on love, family and domestic happenings. This is a Venus year, so is concerned with developing or keeping harmony within the home and within your personal relationships.  This is one of the best cycles for marriage and commitment, as well as for pregnancy, birth, buying a home or anything that denotes settling down. It's also a very social year, and a year for beautifying your environment. Advancement comes through social contacts.

Personal Year 7 - a more spiritual year, focused on inner growth and personal well-being. You may want more quiet or private time this year, or at least more time to yourself.  It's a good time to identify and eliminate any self defeating behaviours.  This cycle isn't really about relationships per say, but more about figuring out how you feel about relationships - which again requires more time for introspection. This is the year to take care of body, mind and spirit.

Personal Year 8 - as stated above, this is a year for achievement, power, abundance, prosperity and for manifesting.  You could make big moves this year and achieve recognition for what you do.  It's a powerful year professionally, but also in whatever area you choose to focus on.  As a Saturn year, this could be a 'reap what you sow' kind of year as well. A debt or obligation from the past that was never dealt with could reappear, or people from that past could get in touch. Love relationships tend to either move forward with commitment, or end because you don't see a future with someone.  This is not a 'coasting' kind of year.

Personal Year 9 - the last year in the cycle, this is the year for completions and endings. This could be very positive completions, in that you finally fulfill that long awaited dream or goal.  In some cases you may finally let go of a person, habit, circumstance or thing that is no longer needed in your life.  Because this is a highly spiritual number, you may be attracted to people who have qualities you admire in a spiritual or higher sense. You may decide to pursue your career in a new way, such as teaching it instead of practicing it.

Personal Year 11 - this year still has the vibration of the 2 (1 +1), but its special because its a master number.  There is a deeper spiritual awareness with this yearly number, and you may have your own special 'ah ha' moment this year. You're more compassionate, more idealistic, more altruistic and more of a humanitarian.  There is also an element of recognition with this number as well so you may become known for your good works. In love relationships you feel attracted to those who also embody those same traits of compassion etc.

Personal Year 22 -  this year still has the vibration of the 4 (2 +2), but its special because its a master number.  This is an extraordinary year when you may do extraordinary things. It's more of a detached year when you are focused on humanity as a whole as opposed to one on one love relationships, unless you find someone who shares these same goals.  You have lofty goals and plans, probably involving helping others, and you can achieve these goals and plans. There will be major accomplishments this year,

Your Personal Month Number

Yes, you can also find your own Personal Month number, and even your Personal Day number!  To find your Personal Month number, start with your Personal Year Number, and then add a number for each month starting with January until you reach the month you want to know about.

For example, lets say its your Personal Year number of 3.   And this is January, the first month, so you add a 1 to the 3, and you get 4.  So January is a 4 month for this person.   And then Feb will be a 5 month, and March will be a 6 month, and so on.

Another example.  Let's say your Personal Year number is an 8.   And you want to know what April will bring.  So, start with the 8 and then add one number for each month.  January will be a 9 month, Feb will be a 1 month (because we start at 1 again after 9), March will be a 2 month, and then April will be a 3 month.

You can apply the same meanings for the Personal month numbers as for the Personal year number - just realize that the influence is a bit weaker because its only 4 weeks instead of a year.

If you really want to go deep, you can get your Personal Day number too.  Just take your personal month number....say its a 3, and then add the day to it.  So, if January is your personal month of 3, and today is the 9th, then add 3 + 9, = 12. Reduce again to 3.  This is your 3 day, and you can expect a 3 vibration to the day with 3 happenings and events.

For more information, check out:

Love by the Numbers: How to Find Great Love or Reignite the Love You Have Through the Power of Numerology

Monday, 30 November 2015

Astro Fertility

Ancient astrology says that a woman’s ability to conceive increases dramatically when the Sun and the Moon in the sky are at the same angle as when the woman was born.  This knowledge goes way back to Egyptian astrologers, and many astrologers today still use this old wisdom.  So, if you were born on a first quarter moon, then you will have maximum fertility every month at the first quarter moon - specifically 24 hours before and a few hours after the exact moment of your lunar phase return.

This ancient astrological theory has been revived and even proven by Slovakian scientist and astrologer Dr. Eugen Jonas in the 1960s. Through his testing he found that a woman has a ‘spontaneous ovulation’ when the Sun and Moon in the sky are at the same angle as when she was born. He found that fertility is unusally high for the 24 hours prior to the exact time of this Lunar Phase Return, and for 12 hours after. Many western doctors haven't yet picked up on this, simply because Western medicine has unfortunately not progressed to the point of being open to these kinds of influences. 

So a woman actually has 2 chances per month to get pregnant! The first being her natural ovulation time, usually about halfway through the cycle.  And the second during her Lunar Phase Return. If these two times happen to overlap, then the chances of conceiving are very, very high. This works even if one’s lunar phase return happens during menstruation! This explains why many women get pregnant just before, during and after their menses, which are times traditionally thought of as safe. These times are also important to know if you are trying to avoid getting pregnant.

You can also go one step further and determine the sex of the child based on the sign of the moon during conception. If conception takes place when the Moon is in a male sign - Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius or Aquarius, the odds of having a boy are very high. Female signs are Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn and Pisces. 

The Moon symbolically represents women, childbirth and menstrual cycles, so it stands to reason that tracking the lunar cycles would be a huge key in getting pregnant.

You can get a free report from showing your exact fertility window.   Just type in 'Lunar Phases Fertility Calendar' in the search bar.

Friday, 20 November 2015

1,111 oz diamond - a cosmic wink

I recently wrote a post about 11:11, and how it's been seen more frequently all over the world. 11:11 represents the awakening of consciousness on the planet. It's also called' The Shift'. To read more about what it means, check out my post
Have you been seeing 11:11 a lot lately?

A diamond was recently found in a mine in Botswana - the largest diamond found in over a century. It's also interesting that it's a diamond. Diamonds reflect all colours of the rainbow, which in turn represent the 7 main chakras. Diamond is a very sovereign stone, long-believed to carry divine energies. That is why they were often set into crowns, to enhance inner vision, intuition and connection to Spirit. Diamonds not only clear one's energy, but it also allows a person to connect more easily to higher frequences. (from The Spiritual Meaning of Diamonds)

Which is exactly what this cosmic awakening is all about.!!!  So, here we have it again. I love these little 'cosmic winks' from the Universe, reminding us of what is really going on and to stay mindful.

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Justin Trudeau - the astrology of our new Prime Minister

Justin Trudeau just became the second youngest Prime Minister of Canada at age 43. He's the first born son of Pierre Elliott Trudeau, who was the Prime Minister of Canada for 16 years from 1968 to 1984.

Besides politics being in his blood, what does Justin's astrology chart say about his ability to lead a country?

Justin was born on Christmas Day in 1971. He's a Capricorn Sun, Virgo rising with an Aries Moon.

This is a chart of a man who is absolutely made to be a leader! First of all, he's a Capricorn Sun. Capricorn is the sign of authority, leadership and government. Capricorns always rise to the top like cream in whatever endeavour they choose to pursue.  That Capricorn Sun is square powerful Pluto. Wow! This is quite a combination.  This shows that he does not shy away from challenges, and may even thrive on them. That Sun (father) square Pluto in Libra also points to his having a very powerful father, and interestingly enough his father Pierre Trudeau had a Sun in Libra.  Justin's Ascendant is 3 degrees of Virgo, and his Sun at 3 Capricorn exactly trines that Ascendant. He actually is who he seems to be.

His Moon is in warrior Aries in the 8th house. Aries Moons fight for what they believe is right, and they have no time or patience for subterfuge or dishonesty. Aries is the most honest sign of the zodiac, mostly because they are so in the moment in their feelings. The 8th house is all about change and transformation, so he's here to make a difference. That Moon is exactly oppose changeable Uranus, so he's not kidding when he talks about making a significant change in this country. That aspect is also an aspect of being separated from those he loves. It speaks to his turbulent childhood when his mom had some mental health issues and he was separated from her for a while, as well as the ups and downs of being the child of a powerful man, as well as dealing with the death of his brother. (Actually, Margaret Trudeau used to babysit my best friend here in North Vancouver, way back in the day) That moon in passionate Aries trines Jupiter in expansive Sagittarius. He has big ideas, and lofty ideals and he truly believes that he can achieve them. I have no doubt that he can as well.

He has responsible Saturn - the ruler of his Sun - sitting right at the top of his chart. Saturn here says he is seen as 'the one in charge', as this position denotes his reputation as well as his career.  In this position it also says that he takes his position very seriously and is bound and determined to do what is right. It's an ambitious placement, but you'll find its a very common placement in the royal family, as they were born into duty and responsibility, just as Justin was in a sense. Saturn here shows someone who is very ambitious and hard-working and perhaps even methodical in his approach to achieving his dream. Saturn here wants to be at the top of the heap. That Saturn squares his Asc, showing that its part of who he is, and that he'll always be trying to prove himself in some way, possibly because of his father, or trying to live up to his father. His Saturn is also retrograde. This is usually the position of someone who's father was not there for him in some way, and leaves the person with the sense of having to prove himself, or prove to himself that he is capable and worthy. His Capricorn Sun and Saturn retrograde tells me he has a lot of self doubt actually, but its being channeled in a positive way. When you think about it, who would really want to take on the job of running a country? Who would really want that kind of pressure, and not great pay? Someone who has something to prove, which means they almost all have strong Saturn in there somewhere.

He also has idealistic Neptune exactly square his Ascendant. This can be the aspect of someone who has rose-coloured glasses on and who doesn't see reality as it is. With all his earth, this is not really a problem for Justin, and that Neptune just adds to his sense of idealism and hope for a better future. It's the perfect combination - he has the vision, as well as the practical earth to ground it all into reality.

His North Node is in Aquarius in the 6th house and is conjunct Venus. The North Node is like a destiny point - it points to where one is supposed to go in this lifetime. And if one goes there, then the Universe supports you.  In Aquarius, his destiny is wrapped up in doing things 'for the people', and in the 6th house of duty. His South Node is in Leo, so in a past life he was already royalty or a leader in some respect, so he already knows how to do that. In this lifetime, he can use that talent, he can springboard it forward and use it to be there for the people.  Conjunct Venus in Aquarius, it shows that the public love him, and will continue to love him and support him. Especially women. And look at the guy - he has movie star good looks, which does not hurt his cause at all. 

He has a singleton planet in water - his Mars in Pisces. Singletons have a lot of power, simply because all the water energy has to siphon out through one planet. This makes his Mars quite powerful. It also adds a nice touch of softness to his tough chart. Mars in Pisces people care! This is a sensitive placement and shows that he cares about the plights and feelings of the people. It is also a placement of fighting for the underdog.

His Virgo rising speaks to his methodical approach and strategic planning. Yes, his chart is quite earthy, with Cap Sun, Virgo rising and Saturn at the top. Perfect for politics. And he has a nice hefty dose of idealism and passion thrown in to make him want to actually do what he says he will do - create positive change. I like his chart very much.

How does Justin connect to the chart of Canada?

Justin's Moon in Aries is right on the Ascendant of the chart of Canada! He speaks to and connects with us. His Moon is also conjunct Canada's Neptune. We glamorize him, or we connect to his sense of idealism and hope. He actually has a lot of aspects to the chart of Canada, showing that he resonates with the country.

How will Justin get along with the US gov't? Well, its very interesting that Justin's Sun-Moon midpoint is 25 Aquarius.  The US chart's Moon is 25 degrees of Aquarius. The Moon of a nation's chart denotes the people of the country. All the US presidents have significant planets at 25 Aquarius, because it shows they resonate with the people. I think this shows that the US people are really going to like Justin - a lot.  But the gov't may not. Justin's Uranus is conjunct the US's Saturn, which is their government.  They're not going to like Justin's agenda for change, which means he may not be playing ball with the criminals and bullies that are the US gov't. Thank goodness. It won't be easy for Justin Trudeau, but he is not part of the Harper/Canadian nazi/oil and gas mafia. Canada has become a close knit part of the US matrix since the early 1990s, and Justin Trudeau has a long road ahead of him to keep distancing himself from all that. But he is obviously determined, and we all want him to succeed. The US may try to sabotage that of course.  However, the charts also show that Justin can be the spark that gets the ball rolling in terms of positive change for the US as he may inspire the people of that country too.

Friday, 25 September 2015


Moonbathing - where one actually sits outside and views the moon -  helps to balance all aspects of the body. It's incredibly healing.  Just as absorbing the rays of the sun is important to the body, so is absorbing the rays of the moon.  The Sun is more action oriented, and the moon is more receptive. Moonbathing helps one to become more sensitive, more receptive, and more still. It activates 'yin', and can help to balance someone who has too much 'yang' or too much fire or anger.

 During a full moon, the body's healing potential is at its peak, and the body's energy flow is activated and harmonized. Moonbathing accentuates that. Moonbathing also stimulates the pineal gland, a tiny gland that helps to regulate the sleeping/waking cycle, as well as many other body rhythms. When we go outside to see the moon, our bodies can more easily adjust when we are physically outside in nature picking up nature's signals, and visibly seeing the moon with the naked eye.

So, get thee outside and bathe in the moon! Or, at least gaze at it through an open window.

Thursday, 17 September 2015

Saturn enters Sagittarius today!

Saturn entered Scorpio in October of 2013. and now leaves it for good on Sept 17th.!  Everyone was affected by this intense transit in some way, although some more than others.

We had a brief preview of Saturn moving into Sagittarius earlier this year, but then he dipped back into Scorpio for the summer, just to bring one last push to whatever it was we were working on for the last 2.5 years.

Sometimes its easier to see what something was about when we are able to get the bird's eye view and look back on it.

What happened in the fall of 2013?  You embarked on a mission of transformation, letting go or healing in some way at that time. Saturn in Scorpio demands we go deep, and we emerge healed in some way at the end of it.  Many of us lost loved ones and now we're moving on and dealing with that loss in our lives.  In effect, everyone is now moving on in a new way, with some sort of transformation and healing having taken place on a physical, mental, emotional or spiritual level.

Saturn in Sagittarius is a much lighter energy thank goodness.  For more info on what you can expect, check my post Saturn in Sagittarius.

Sagittarian Sun, Moon and Asc people are really going to feel this transit the most, or anyone who has personal planets in Sag.

Saturn enters Sag today, and goes forward through to 16.24 degrees of Sag before he turns retrograde.  The thing with Saturn transits, is that they are in effect from the moment that they move forward toward aspecting a point in your chart. So, for example if you have your Sun at 14 degrees of Sag, guess what, you're going to feel that Saturn starting tonight!!!  Yes, Saturn is interesting that way.  Some transits you only feel when they get very close to the planet in your chart, but not Saturn.  Saturn starts from day one.  However, if you have a significant point at 17 degrees of Sag, you won't feel Saturn until later next year because he goes retrograde before he hits it.

So, for everyone Sagittarius born from  Nov 22nd to Dec 8th, you're in the midst of a Saturn transit to your Sun starting tonight.  You may even get a little symbolism tonight or tomorrow as to what this transit may mean for you - sort of like Saturn saying hello. In general, Saturn transits bring more work and we take om more responsibility - this can be when someone buys a house, or gets married or get pregnant.  It can be when we take on that big project at work that requires long hours, or when we start our own business. It can be when we need to start taking more responsibility for aging parents, or simply when we start to look toward consolidating for our future. Saturn can also show us where we need to pull back, as well as make us accountable if we've been treating others, or even ourselves, unfairly.  Saturn doesn't let anyone get away with much of anything, which is why Saturn represents authority.

Some famous Sagittarians who are going to be feeling this Saturn transit starting tonight are:

Scarlett Johansson
Britney Spears
Miley Cyrus (backlash?)
Tyra Banks
Ian Somerhalder
Julianne Moore
Amanda Seyfried
Ben Stiller
Katherine Heigl
Christina Applegate
Ed Harris
Marisa Tomei
Bette Midler
Anna Faris

As well as some Sun in Geminis who will have Saturn opposing their Sun:

Angelina Jolie
Nicole Kidman
Colin Farrell
Morgan Freeman

For more information re: how this Saturn transit will affect your sign specifically, check out Erin Sullivan's book   Saturn in Transit:

Sunday, 23 August 2015

Jupiter in Virgo August 11, 2015 - Sept 2016

Jupiter entered a new sign this month after being in Leo for one full year. Yep, Jovial Jupiter enters the sign of Virgo on August 11th and he stays there until September of 2016.

Jupiter is the largest planet in our galaxy, which is perfect symbolism as astrologically he's also the planet that urges us to grow, to expand and to reach for the stars.  He rules higher education, the law, international travel, philosophy, not to mention just having a really good time.  He's a party animal, that one.  Everything to excess, he always says.  Growth and expansion are his thing, and not just on the mental level either. Jupiter is usually around when women get pregnant and expand on the physical level.  He's also around when people gain weight (typically when Jupiter hits the Ascendant).  For the most part, Jupiter brings opportunity and he helps us to feel confident in ourselves.

Jupiter in Virgo is a little different however, because here Jupiter wants us to expand by actually making things smaller - by streamlining procedures and cutting back on excess.  Yes, as you can probably already tell, Jupiter is not at his happiest when he's in Virgo.  Jupiter in Virgo is actually in its detriment. He can't just throw caution to the wind and expand willy-nilly. Nope. Here he has to be more refined and cautious.

Jupiter in Virgo seeks to improve things, to expand and grow by cutting back on the non-essentials. Here he's going to get rid of excess and focus on what really works. For example, Jupiter also rules publishing. So here, in Virgo, Jupiter can help someone grow and expand in the publishing world by editing and refining copy and being particular about which words to words. Virgo is a master wordsmith by the way.

Another good example is picking off the deadheads off your flowering plant. If you pinch off the faded flowers, the plant is coaxed into produced even more buds and flowers.

Jupiter in Virgo is where less really is more. Here he's not going to be the big party animal.  Here's he's going to be urging you to go the spa and to go on a juice fast and to take up pilates. He'll urge you to put down the Snickers bar and to be more particular about what you eat. Jupiter in Virgo is great for anything health-related or diet related or fitness related.  He supports you in your journey to better health - that's how he's supporting you in growing. Restaurant trends will be for healthier food, and there will be more allowance for dietary restrictions, thank goodness.

Virgo is picky and detail oriented, so Jupiter in Virgo is the time when the small picky details are going to be magnified. People are going to see the trees instead of the forest.

Jupiter's sign sets the trend for the coming year.  It shows what will be in favour, and also what industries will expand.  Business astrologers say to invest in business and industries that represent whatever sign Jupiter is transiting in, because their profits will increase.

So, what will be trendy or in favour for the coming year?  Health!  Anything to do with being as healthy as you can be. Super green smoothie drinks, even better blenders, spa packages, new and better diet tips and tricks, meditation and yoga. New and better ways to meld body, mind and spirit. Because the whole planet is waking up in consciousness, I wonder if the trend will be for people to adopt a higher vibrational diet. More plant based food, and perhaps more compassion for animals and how we treat them. Walter Palmer killing Cecil the lion and the outrage around it happened just as Jupiter entered Virgo, and it raised awareness of the collective responsibility to protect and respect all of earth's animal life.

Getting a massage is a pleasurable way to maintain good health - very Jupiter in Virgo.  And on a tropical beach is even better, as Jupiter does like to travel.

Virgo also rules craftsmanship, or anything you do with your hands. Crafts of all kinds will be a big trend, and the more skillful and detail oriented the better (Martha Stewart has Venus in crafty Virgo). Knitting, needlepoint, decoupage, or any kind of home improvement or decoration projects are all likely to be this year. Hairdressers use their hands in a skilled way, and they will have a good year, or people will want to train to be a hairdresser. Precision and skill are definitely favoured. Virgo also rules small pets, as well as vets. Perhaps adopting pets from the SPCA will be an even stronger movement than it is right now.

As far as fashion goes, Virgo looks tends to be more on the conservative side. It may bring back the 'buttoned up' look.  It can still be very sexy...think of tall laced up boots. Or blouses with a zillion little tiny buttons on it.  There will be lots of detail and exquisite designs. Understated elegance is the trend here, such as Gwyneth Paltrow or Jennifer Aniston or Audrey Hepburn or Chanel. Nothing too showy or dramatic or colourful. It's more about subtlety, like a super expensive watch or amazing bag. There will be clean lines and elegant simplicity. Expect to see even smaller, yet even more amazing and adaptable versions of tablets and phones and electronic gadgets. We may see more smart cars, or minis. More fuel efficient and smaller cars.

Virgos are going to be having a great year as Jupiter comes up to conjunct their Sun. All earth signs will too, as Jupiter trines their Sun,

So, in general, look to see where you can grow by cutting back or refining or better defining techniques. You have celestial permission to simplify your life! That's the trend for the coming year and you will be celestially supported in doing so, and in fact great gains, rewards and growth will occur because of it.