About Me

I was back in eastern Canada in 1983 going to Chiropractic College in Toronto and my roommate told me that I must be an Aries!  She was right, and she didn't even know me that well yet. I was intrigued enough to pick up my first ever book on Astrology called  Secrets from a Stargazer's Notebook and I started to apply it right away.  Once I started to see that it actually worked,  I was hooked and I've been happily pursuing this amazing art/science ever since.  (I ended up quitting Chiropractic College and became an RMT instead).

 I'm Barb and I live in beautiful North Vancouver, BC, Canada and you can see me walking around Stanley Park Seawall every chance I get

                And stopping to commune with the totem poles too

I've taken many, many courses and have learned from some wonderful teachers over the decades.  Besides regular 'ol natal astrology, I'm quite in love with horary and electional astrology.  Horary gives an answer based on the moment you ask the question, and electional is the art of  'electing' a fortunate time to start an event, like getting married, applying for a new job, or even buying that lottery ticket or going shopping for clothes.  (I use it for everything!). Synastry is my other favourite, where we match one chart to another and see how the aspects between them stack up, and what that means for the people involved. My other baby is Void Moons.  I've been studying the concept for years and years, yet so many astrologers still don't even pay attention to it!~  I also use Ho'oponopono and have a blog dedicated to it at Ho'oponopono Life.  As for other healing techniques, I use EFT a lot in my life and find the results remarkable.

My first ever professional astrology job was working for a company that made little horoscope readers that sold out of Radio Shack.  They were quite cute, and a thrill for me.  After that I wrote for Balanced Life Magazine, and then was a ghost writer for New York Daily News horoscope column.  Fun, even though I didn't get name credit for it....and then there's Today's Parent magazine, Weddingbelles and Chatelaine now here in Canada. 

I hope to bring knowledge of the natural astrological cycles back into mainstream living and make the concepts user friendly for everybody.   I want people to know how easy it is to avoid hassle and stress in their life just by using the Void Moon Calendar, or how to guarantee a bountiful garden just by using the lunar phases.  Onward we go...